How to propose to a guy

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How to propose to a guy

Knights, gentlemen, gentlemen winning the heart of a beautiful girl, ladies — they can often be seen in romantic films. Currently, the girl is independent, confident and makes her own decisions about love adventures. She is no longer told who to marry.
How to propose to a guy
You will need
  • courage, determination, sincere feelings


Whether you’ve known each other for a long time or just met, it doesn’t really matter. A spark slipped between you, and the body at each meeting is covered with heat or freezing cold. But he doesn’t take the first step. In this case, the girl goes on the offensive.
There are several ways to offer guy meet. The first way is active. It is necessary to personally ask the guy if he has a girlfriend or someone in mind. This will be the first signal for the guy about your sympathy for him. It will also be useful to find out if he wants to start a new relationship at all. Another method is to offer guy go somewhere together (cafe, cinema, bowling). He will immediately understand what the matter is, and either refuse or agree. At the end of the evening, you can add an innocent kiss, it will become clear to both what the relationship will be like in the future.
With any proposals to spend time together, you should not be intrusive. Guys sometimes think that if a girl is persistent or behaves more liberated, this is indecent. If you often walk in the same company, then in an effective way to offer guy your girlfriend will meet, who in this case will take the role of «matchmaker». One of the reasons that may be the reason that you need to make the first move yourself is if he considers your attitude towards him only friendly. He may just ignore your feelings. Show him that you are the one without whom he cannot breathe and live. You need to know his hobbies and what annoys him, and use this information. You can ask him to teach you how to roller skate. You will spend time together, it will be fun. In conclusion, you can ask him a question that worries you.
Invite him to a cafe

Tip 2: How to propose to a guy

Until relatively recently, the mere idea that a girl could take the initiative in relationships with the stronger sex seemed almost a “shake of the foundations.” Now, this doesn’t shock anyone. Therefore, if the girl really liked the guy, she may well «take matters into her own hands.» In other words, invite him to get to know each other better. Especially if for some reason he shows restraint. There are many ways. How best to do this depends on the character of the girl, her habits, temperament, and upbringing.
How to propose to a guy


The easiest (and sometimes most effective) way is to approach a young man and tell him frankly something like this: “Listen, I like you! Let’s meet!» It has both pluses and minuses. On the one hand, it immediately brings clarity. But, unfortunately, he can also just scare off a nice but shy guy. And some males, moreover, may mistakenly, but quite sincerely consider such a girl to be frivolous, poorly educated.
You can use an indirect invitation. For example, by inviting a man to go somewhere together. If he willingly agrees, half the work has already been done, now it depends only on you that he likes spending time together. If he refuses (especially if the refusals continue in the future), then he either loves another, or, alas, you are not his type.
How to act in such a situation is, of course, up to you. Perhaps the best way out is to overcome wounded pride and “not hang yourself” on the neck of a young man who is clearly not interested in you. There are enough guys in the world who can love you and appreciate you.
A fairly effective way is to ask for help from a mutual friend, girlfriend, or “just” acquaintance. So that the “object” of your interest is hinted: “Pay attention, she’s a good girl, and she obviously cares about you.” Other times it might help.
Try to find out as much as you can about this guy. What is his character, hobbies, habits. If you find some common interest, communication will go like clockwork! Then it will be much easier to make him think that you should meet.
And remember: the vast majority of men do not like girls who are too “uninhibited”, too free-behaving. But in the same way they are frightened off by «hard-to-reach». Try to stick to the «golden mean»! Exactly as one poet recommended:
Take care, girl, kisses,

Look, don’t overdo it!


Sometimes it’s enough to “push” a guy to a proposal to meet, he must remain a hunter, or at least think so.

Useful advice

You must be sincere, take courage, on the first date you should not tell him about love, you can become uninteresting for him. A girl should always have a secret, a mystery that he will reveal with enthusiasm.

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