How to prove to a guy that you love him

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How to prove to a guy that you love him

Alas, not everything is so rosy in a relationship, and the guy you love may not believe in your sincerity, or may pretend that he does not. This also needs to be sorted out. Some, having heard from the girl a confession of tender feelings, ask them to immediately prove it in bed. It is unlikely that you can expect anything more from such a person than a desire to take advantage of the situation. On the other hand, if a person dear to you once experienced a great disappointment in love and does not believe in your feelings, then the approach should be different here.
How to prove to a guy that you love him


Love is not proven, it is lived. Try to be around as often as possible, talk with your loved one about what is interesting to both of you. Do not put your work at the forefront to the detriment of your personal life.
Make your loved one smile, at least a little, give joy, especially when he is not laughing because of problems. Just do not joke about him, the joke may seem cruel and lead to a quarrel.
Make gifts, not necessarily expensive, you can make small things made by yourself. They can cheer up not only you, especially if you guess the guy’s preferences and interests.
Invent a conventional sign that only the two of you will understand and will mean: «I love you!» So you can remind him of your sympathy in any situation, and only your loved one will understand your gesture.
Learn to be an attentive, active listener. Even if you are very busy, it is enough to periodically nod, smile if it is a joke, sympathize if it is a serious conversation, you can touch. It is not necessary to respond to every remark with words.
Hug your beloved guy more often, touch him more often. Even just passing by, shake hands, pat on the shoulder. It speaks better than any words about your affection.
Doing everything so that he believes in your sincere love, do not demand anything in return. Time must pass before a person begins to understand and appreciate all your efforts. Or maybe he just has not yet learned to express his feelings, as openly as you.

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