How to reconcile girlfriends

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How to reconcile girlfriends

Women’s friendship can be both strong and faithful, and fickle. Despite the fact that all women differ from each other in characters, they are all characterized by impulsiveness and emotionality, and this often causes quarrels between women. girlfriends. If the girls themselves do not want to meet each other, perhaps forgetting the original reason for the quarrel, you can try to reconcile them. How to restore friendship and eliminate enmity?
How to reconcile girlfriends


Try to get involved in the life of both friends and gradually unite them. This is possible if each of your friends has maintained favorable and friendly relations with you.
Visit each of the girls in turn to talk heart to heart and spend time together. Perhaps they will try to talk to you about a quarrel — try to be objective and dispassionate and do not start a conversation about a quarrel on your own initiative.
Tell each girl that you are planning to organize a house party or celebration, and would like to see each of them there, but because of their protracted quarrel, you do not have this opportunity, as this will entail tension and resentment.
Try to act directly — give each friend an invitation to this celebration. None of them wants to offend and upset you and will come, despite the presence of the second girl. Perhaps in a relaxed and festive atmosphere, friends will reconcile.
Warn them that if they try to quarrel and ruin your holiday, you will never invite them to your place again. Act carefully and thoughtfully so as not to cause hostility in both girls.
If each of the friends has children, invite them too — the children do not pay attention to the disagreements of their parents, and the friends, seeing that their children play together with pleasure, will begin to get closer. Arrange team games and competitions for children, invite their mothers to join the game. Willy-nilly, they will start playing together.
In any case, reconciliation depends only on the desire of the girlfriends themselves. If you eventually realize that their relationship has finally exhausted itself, there will be no point in trying to reconcile.

Tip 2: How to make up with a girlfriend

Arguing with a close friend is not a very pleasant thing. However, in hot pursuit, without finding out which of the two of you is to blame for what happened, it is easier to put up.
How to make peace with a girlfriend

A good way to improve relationships is not to return to the fight.

Do not demand explanations and do not explain yourself. As soon as you and your girlfriend begin to clarify the details, the fight will start again. And reconciliation will be much more difficult.

Tell your friend that she is dear to you, that she is needed in your life, that you do not want to lose her company. Remind her that quarrels happen to those closest to her, but any difficult situation can be resolved. Discuss with her possible options for resolving the situation.

If a girlfriend asks for forgiveness, do not start explaining to her what she was to blame for. Forgive her and communicate as if nothing had happened. Or you can explain to her what exactly hurt you, but do not operate with the phrases “You were wrong because”, with the help of such constructions, you can easily start a quarrel again.

Settle alone. A crowded place is ill-suited to restoring peace.

Do what you love. If you have cleared up all the important points, do something with your girlfriend that is interesting for both of you. You can bake something, sew, draw, play some game. Joint activities will help you forget about the quarrel. The main thing is not to try to be distracted in this way if you have not yet reconciled or understood the nature of the conflict. In such a case, joint activities will only inflame the atmosphere.

Never bring up conflicts from the past. Remembering previous quarrels, you will return to the appropriate emotional state, and then any spark will be enough for a new conflict.

Complaining about your girlfriend to someone else is a sure fire way

Never discuss a quarrel with mutual acquaintances. They will probably tell your friend about this, which means that you will also be to blame for complaining about her. There is nothing worse than explaining that you did not mean it at all. Such situations happen very often, and the relationship then deteriorates irreparably.

During reconciliation, do not be boring, listing all the flaws and shortcomings will not lead to anything good.

Wait at least ten minutes after the fight, go somewhere if necessary, cry or yell. Release your emotions and start making peace. Keep the dialogue constructive. If you think it is possible for yourself, take the first step.

Be prepared to compromise, do not cling to trifles and unprincipled issues. First, offer to forget about non-essential things. This can help bring you closer.

After reconciliation, take a walk together to the mall, go shopping or visit a beauty salon. This will enhance positive emotions, and the quarrel will be forgotten.


How to reconcile quarreled girlfriends. Lyubov Cheurina, author of JustLady. And in the event that one of the girlfriends starts complaining about the other to you, then you simply cannot remain indifferent. Explain to her that you understand all her feelings and are ready to help find ways that will help resolve the situation, but do not express an evaluative opinion.

Useful advice

How to reconcile with a friend. Anyone who claims that female friendship does not exist simply does not know what a miracle the best friend is. You can share tricks and hidden secrets with her, ask for advice, go shopping, chat over a cup of tea or something else. But even real friends sometimes have misunderstandings in relationships. If you are puzzling over how to make peace with a girlfriend, then this material is especially for you.

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