How to report an error

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How to report an error

We all love to point out other people’s mistakes, but, unfortunately, rarely does anyone do it correctly and carefully. In order for a person to correctly perceive your criticism and at the same time not be offended, several important recommendations must be followed.
How to report an error


Don’t start your pointing at mistake immediately, at the very beginning of the conversation. Before that, pay attention to the merits of a person, to what he undoubtedly does best. The main thing is to praise sincerely, do not let them think that you are doing it on purpose. Then you can carefully move on to reviewing the error.
So that after your criticism a rejection and a feeling of hatred towards you are not born in a person, you should point out mistakes indirectly. For example, not «You mixed up all the documents from this table», but «It seems to us that all the documents from this table were mixed up by you.»
An even better option would be if you do not point to mistake person in the form of an explicit statement requiring no further discussion. And also, in no case should you say in an orderly tone how to correct the situation. Advise, for example, like this: “We thought that maybe it would be better to put these documents in this red folder, what do you think?”. In this case, a person will feel not so much an indication of his mistakehow much the introduction of more rational ideas into its activities.
Once your criticism has been made, don’t walk away and leave the person in a depressed mood. It is important at this moment to sincerely encourage him, telling him how well he is doing something, and how successful his work is.
Show the person that his mistake is insignificant, and, if desired, he can easily correct it. Talk to a person in such a way that he does not feel like a failure, but, on the contrary, when doing some new actions on your advice, he feels his improvement and gratitude to you.
To make the situation seem easier, and you do not look like a teacher with a pointer, offer your help, show clearly how to do it. At this time, joke, say that for the first time you also encountered this, and now you are ready to help others in discovering this simple truth. Let a person not feel like a black sheep, let him understand that this situation is not out of the norm, and he is walking the path that many have previously walked.

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