How to spend time with a guy

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How to spend time with a guy

Date hours seem short, even if you’ve planned to take days off. So that after the words “see you!” you both have a good mood and pleasant memories for as long as possible, and not just ringing in your ears from the bass in the club, think in advance how to spend time with him.
How to spend time with a guy


Traditionally, it is believed that a man should choose a meeting place and entertain a girl. Practice shows that this is not always convenient: he cannot always guess your desires, especially if you have known each other for only a few days. In addition, he may not know the city well and places where you can have fun. Feel free to suggest places and clubs you know.
Go together to the theater studio of the theater school or the concert hall of the music institute. Tickets there cost between 200-300 rubles, and if you are students, you can go almost for free. These places include the opera theater-studio at the RAM them. Gnesins, Opera Studio at the Moscow State Conservatory. Tchaikovsky, theater-studio RATI and other similar institutions. It is worth considering that performances and concerts in these institutions are held only during time school year.
View posters for nearby cinemas. Think about what movie you would like to see. Discuss the choice with the young man.
Take a walk in nature. Visit the park, an old manor. It will be good if one of you knows the history of this place and will tell the other. Most likely, you will act as a guide. Believe me, talking about what you are good at is a real pleasure, just like listening to something new.

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