How to stop being jealous of a guy — advice from a psychologist

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how to stop being jealous of a guy psychologist's advice

As they say, there is no true love without jealousy. And this is true, because if you love, you are invariably afraid of losing a person, you are afraid that he will lose interest, find another for himself, and so on down the list. But you should always understand very clearly that even though there can be no relationship without jealousy, it is often jealousy that kills relationships. After all, when suspicions of betrayal and nit-picking become constant, the guy will simply tire of it and then he will really start to think about other relationships. Therefore, it is worth following the advice of a psychologist on how to stop being jealous of a guy so as not to destroy the relationship with your own hands.

How to deal with jealousy — advice from a psychologist

You should definitely start with yourself. After all, if jealousy appears, then there are some doubts. Often these are doubts about themselves, about their attractiveness. If such doubts exist, then it is worth starting to work on yourself. You can start going to the gym to make your figure more attractive, try to change something in your image and appearance. But it is worth thinking not only about the figure, but also about the inner world. You can find out what qualities a guy does not like in girls. Perhaps find them in yourself and eradicate. In general, it is worth developing your strengths, those traits that the guy likes, which he loves.

Speaking about how to stop being jealous of a guy for other girls, it is worth remembering that any man will always look at pretty women anyway. After all, it is quite natural. But looking is not the same as changing. After all, a guy won’t be with a girl he doesn’t like. This must be recognized and understood.

In general, the worst thing about jealousy is that it breeds mistrust. It is suspicion that destroys relationships, since love simply does not happen without trust. how to deal with jealousy advice from a psychologistTherefore, the main advice from a psychologist that you can get on the topic of how to deal with jealousy is to learn to trust your partner. If something interferes with trust all the time, then it is worth thinking and analyzing the relationship: perhaps they have simply outlived themselves or had no future from the very beginning?

Often, after a breakup, girls have a problem of how to stop being jealous of an ex-boyfriend. In general, this jealousy can be both the result of feelings that have not yet cooled down, or simply a habit. In the first case, it may be worth considering resuming the relationship, and in the second, you just need to start getting rid of this habit, which is best helped by a new relationship.


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