How to surprise your loved one

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How to surprise your loved one

There are enough holidays in the year to indulge your loved ones from time to time. surprises. But fantasy or money for these very surprises is not always enough, unfortunately. If there is no money, they can be earned, there would be a desire. But fantasy is more difficult. But imagination can also be developed. Remember, even if you don’t have much money, but your fantasy is working properly, you can make such a surprise for your girlfriend that she will remember this day for a long time. In a good way, of course.
The main thing is not the gift, but the way it is presented.


There is an option with flowers. Whether it’s winter or summer, you can take advantage of the bright flower petals that you can ask for or buy for next to nothing at a flower shop. Having obtained the petals, lay out of them under the window of your beloved a declaration of love. Don’t forget the weather. If the wind is outside, it will easily blow away the petals, destroying your creation. In this case, you can lay out a confession from the petals in the girl’s entrance in front of the door shortly before her intended exit to study or work.
You can also use paints by drawing a huge red heart on the asphalt or snow. And using special luminous paints, you can literally make your confession “shining”.
Even a modest gift or a confession card will have an indelible effect on a girl if she receives a gift through a window on the ninth floor. To do this, you can resort to the help of strangers. This is how industrial climbers can help you. If you take advantage of the moment when your girlfriend’s house is being finished outside, just ask one of the builders to deliver a letter. After all, we are all people, so you are likely to be understood and helped you.
Ask a few friends to congratulate the girl. Let the first send her an SMS with words of love and your signature. Let the second call her at the door, handing you a rose or a tulip. The third one will tie some helium balloons with a note to the door handle. And on the note, she will read your confession. And let the fourth one dress up in a Santa Claus costume (even if it’s even in the middle of summer) and hand her a telegram, again on your behalf, with apologies that he walked to the North Pole and back for a very long time. So she will receive pleasant gifts throughout the day and constantly be in anticipation of the next surprises.
But it is better not to give a girl puppies, kittens and other living creatures. Even if she loves animals very much, do not put her in a position where she will have to urgently deal with the issue of feeding, accommodation and other issues related to animals. Yes, and such surprises most often require coordination with the rest of her family members.

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