How to survive cheating husband

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How to survive cheating husband

Cheating on a loved one is a serious blow to a relationship in a couple, to a devoted soul mate, to trust, love, and everything else that connects a couple. But despite this, the statistics are relentless: 3 out of 4 men are unfaithful to their women. Forgive or break up — this is the main question that confronts deceived women when they find out the truth.
How to survive cheating husband
You will need
  • To survive the betrayal of her husband, you need:
  • -certificate of divorce (in some cases)-
  • -new set of bottom billiards-
  • — a ticket to some exotic countries —
  • — money for consultations with a psychologist —
  • — money for a beauty salon.


When a woman finds out about infidelity, the first feelings she experiences are pain, resentment, anger and a desire for revenge. But psychologists assure, it is not necessary to be categorical at once. Better to sit down and think. Indeed, betrayal in most cases is a sign that the former warm relationship has disappeared in a couple and something has changed.
Firstly, men are very jealous of the appearance of their wife. If a woman ceases to take care of herself, dissolves and does not want to pull herself together, then sooner or later the husband will find his ideal on the side. If the wife constantly throws tantrums at home with breaking dishes, the man will leave tight, where he is more comfortable. If you realized that part of your fault was in his betrayal, and you don’t want to lose him, then there are a few rules that will help you survive treason loved one.
First you need to distance yourself from the situation. Sit to think. But do not engage in self-criticism, in order to later come to the conclusion: «I am the only one to blame for everything!». You just need to imagine the situation as if from the outside in order to realistically assess why this happened. Then you need to pull yourself together. What reaction does the cheater expect? That’s right — a scandal. Don’t make a scene. It is better to take a time-out for yourself exactly for a week. At this time, you can go somewhere you really wanted to, but did not work out. And there, think again about how you will behave in the future. Why just for a week? Because a man needs just that much time to first realize his guilt, then understand how bad he is without you. If more time passes, and you do not return, he will already learn to live alone, and parting will no longer seem so terrible to him.
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The next item will be «pamper yourself.» Indeed, what is it all the time to think only about where to buy what products, what new clothes are needed and about other household trifles. Remember that you are a woman. And the woman is attractive. The second way to survive treason husband — go first to the beauty salon, and then shopping. The main thing is not to be afraid to take risks and completely change the image. After all, your appearance has already become so familiar to him that it is very unexpected for him to see you new.
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If it’s still hard in the chest, and there is a lump in the throat, then cry and scream as much as you can. While you are alone. Let all the negativity go away with tears. It will get easier.
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Back, sorry? Now spend as much free time together as possible. As before, in youth. Try to be more interested in his affairs. Find a hobby and discuss it with your husband. So that he knows: you have interests besides the family. Then he will again be interested in his wife, and not with his mistress.
And the main rule: if you have forgiven, then you do not need to constantly remember the fact of treason. Start some new habits and traditions with your spouse. Be new to him every time. And then he will not need to look for an interesting, bright and smart side.

Tip 2: How to survive divorce and infidelity

More recently, it seemed to a woman that she and her husband had a strong, loving family, which was bypassed by problems and hardships. And suddenly — like a bolt from the blue — she finds out that her husband is cheating on her, then it comes to divorce. A woman feels as if the whole vast, cruel world is up against her. How to live now?
How to survive divorce and infidelity


Yes, you are having a hard time right now. But still, try to control yourself. Your sad situation is by no means unique. Unfortunately, not a single woman is immune from this, even if she is a model of all conceivable and inconceivable virtues. A dazzling beauty, a skillful, passionate lover, a magnificent hostess, a caring, understanding companion. It would seem that the very idea that a husband can cheat on such a wife borders on the absurd, nevertheless, it happens!
Understand: nothing irreparable happened. Thank God, this is not death, not a serious, incurable disease. No need to despair and curse the evil fate. Has the first, most powerful, flurry of emotions passed? Did your worst pain get a little duller? Wept, complained to relatives, friends, girlfriends? And enough. Pull yourself together! The role of the inconsolable sufferer will hardly suit you.
Remember: there are quite enough reliable men in the world who are able to appreciate you. Just because you’re unlucky with a particular member of the stronger sex doesn’t mean all men are fickle. Search and you will surely find!
Do not lock yourself in four walls, do not be alone with your grief and problems. On the contrary, try to be in society as often as possible! At a minimum, to get to know the very man who, quite possibly, can give you real happiness.
Find yourself an interesting hobby, change your image. Don’t be afraid to experiment! An original hairstyle, a cardinal change of wardrobe can literally transform any woman.
Well, what if your ex-husband realizes his mistake and wants to return. It is up to you whether to start all over again or not. If you impartially and self-critically admit that there is a share in the breakup that happened and your fault, perhaps it will be better to understand and forgive. If resentment and wounded pride are too strong even after a long time, it is better to refuse. In any case, no one has the right to impose a decision on you. Do what your mind and heart tell you to do.

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