How to think right

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How to think right

Every person sooner or later thinks: «Am I going in the right direction? Am I making a mistake?». How to understand whether the right choice has been made or whether all his thoughts and analysis have led to another global mistake?
How to think right


Understand terms. Most often, by «correctly» we mean «for our own benefit» and «for the common good.» If the situation is difficult, and there is no one else to consult with, the best friend is a dictionary of synonyms, paper and a pen. A word with a vague meaning (for example, the word «correctly») needs to be chosen the synonym that will resonate in the heart. Or choose the words yourself, reveal this word. You can even write a whole essay to pull out the very cherished meaning from the subconscious. When a word is found, it is written out on a blank sheet, underlined and designated as a goal. And then they move on to the next stage.
Keep emotions under control. We often make decisions based on feelings (if not hormones), and cold calculation and logic are turned off at this time. Accordingly, the decision at first seems to us correct. And when the head cools down, it’s not very. It must be understood that absolutely correct decisions are extremely rare. Each one is appropriate for their situation. And there is no unequivocal answer to such a question as: «Was it worth calling an ex-boyfriend at night?».
Check results. There is a wise rule, which in a simplified form is formulated as follows: «The wrong choice leads to a dead end.» In a positive way, it means: «If the choice made increases the number of new opportunities, new paths, then you thought correctly.» After making a decision, a person usually doubts himself, and therefore the changes that come immediately seem negative to him. So he thought wrong and acted wrong. However, after a while, when the memory erases the negative and leaves the positive, the person realizes that his deed was not in vain. To think right, we must avoid the traps of our own feelings and not balance between self-flagellation and self-justification.
Learn logic. Actually its second name is «the science of the ability to think correctly», «the art of correct reasoning». Any difficult situation can be decomposed into a chain of logical and illogical actions. The mind needs to be trained the way we train our legs if we want to run cross-country. More logical tasks, tests for intelligence, for the ability to analyze information and combine disparate data. And then the whole number of incorrect conclusions and annoying everyday mistakes will be reduced significantly.
There is a saying «Forget your troubles, come on get happy» — «Forget your troubles and just be happy.» Sometimes our insecurity, fear of taking responsibility for our actions really interfere with our lives. And instead of thinking easily and naturally, choosing different paths and different people, a person locks himself in doubt. And absolutely in vain.

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