How to tie a person

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How to tie a person

To tie human not only for security reasons. Restriction of motor freedom expands the scope of sexual perception. If the thought of binding excites you, but there is no experience, use the suggested simple techniques.
How to tie a person
You will need
  • — rope, cotton, thick, elastic, not less than 1.5 m
  • -nylon tights, soft, always at hand
  • — leather straps, firmly fixed, but you can pinch the vessels
  • -silk scarf
  • — adhesive tape, special so as not to injure the skin


You can diversify your sex life in different ways. Use toys, role-playing games, or seek thrills by fettering a partner. At the same time, the bound woman feels «freedom», emancipation from the fact that she is not responsible for pleasure. Often the orgasm is more intense and vivid when you apply bondage. This is a kind of art that has been studied for years. You can connect both individual parts of the body, and completely human. The sequence of techniques coincides with the sequence of the process of deprivation of mobility.
Hands1. Fold the rope in half, thread the free ends into the loop (fold the rope) .2. Insert your hands into the resulting loop and tighten. Spread the ends apart Fig. 7 (if you tie your hands behind your back, just wrap the ends around the rope and make a knot).
3. Wrap your hands tightly (clockwise and counterclockwise with the free ends, respectively), row by row. The more turns you make, the more difficult it will be to move your hands.4. Now cross the ends (make a parallel with the arms) and already wrap the rope between the wrists, just like the hands.5. After a few turns, tie the ends from the back. There is another way to quickly tie your hands human and even tie it to something.
Soft rope handcuffs1. Put the rope on your hand and wrap your index and thumb fingers clockwise and counterclockwise respectively. Fig 1.2. Connect the fingers and shift the turns. Fig 2.3. Thread the ends of the rope through the hole you made. Each tip on its own side. Fig 3 and 4.4. Put on handcuffs and tighten the ropes. Tip: do not use a thin rope, take a soft scarf for this fixation.
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Elbows can be tied in the same way as hands, or start immediately from point 3, that is, immediately wrap your hands. The closer the elbows are in the end, the better. Be aware of your partner’s pain.
Knees (more precisely, 5 cm higher than them) 1. Pass the rope under the knees, cross the ends, tighten.2. Make a few turns around the knees.3. Cross the ends and wind the skein of coils. Tie up.
Ankles 1. Cross your partner’s legs. So you will deprive him of the opportunity to move around in any way.2. Wrap the ankles with a rope, making 2-3 skeins.3. Now wrap each end around your legs in a figure-eight shape. The ability of the partner to return the legs to a parallel state depends on the density of the knitting.4. Cross the ends and make a knot. Now do whatever you want with your partner.


Do not make knots at the joints.

Do not overtighten blood vessels. The blood must flow freely to the bound part of the body.

Useful advice

You can tie your hands or feet to the back of a bed or chair, for this it is enough to follow the points for tying hands. Only instead of the second brush, use the desired bed.

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