How to treat boys

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How to treat boys

The relationship between a man and a woman is a topic that will never lose its relevance for every person, and which has worried people since ancient times. Women are very different from men, just as men are different from women, and sometimes it seems to women that it is impossible to understand the representatives of the stronger sex at all — but in fact, you can form a harmonious intellectual and emotional contact with a man if you understand how to treat him and how to communicate with him so that you understand each other.
How to treat boys


Think about the reason for your disagreement. Temporarily forget about claims and grievances — try to look at problems and misunderstandings sensibly. Try to look at things from the position of a man — perhaps those things that seem one to you, seem completely different to him.
Also, do not reduce all relationships with a man to your own attractiveness. Men want women to be beautiful and well-groomed, but your appearance does not always contain the root of all problems.
Imagine that a man is not an alien, but simply a representative of another culture, a resident of another country, and he is the same person as you, just used to other traditions and ways of thinking.
Try to enter into the position of a man, to understand the course of his thoughts, to feel which things are more important to him and which are less important. Look at yourself from the outside — perhaps some features of your behavior confuse a man and seem incomprehensible.
Do not be overly self-confident — some women make an irreparable mistake, believing that their internal organization is complex and subtle, and the male internal organization is simple and banal, and therefore the reason for not understanding the complex female nature is only in a man, and not in yourself. A man is the same self-sufficient and multifaceted personality as you are, and if you accept all his sides, he will accept your features in return.
Do not make claims to a man in relation to his communication style, talkativeness or silence, and other character traits — a man will not understand why you are unhappy, and will feel even more misunderstood.
Men love accuracy and specificity — so avoid translucent allusions to certain circumstances. It may seem to you that it is elementary to understand the hint, but a man may simply not notice it. When explaining something to a man and communicating with him, use clear and precise language.
Do not break loose and do not blame the man for not understanding your feelings and aspirations — he just needs to translate these feelings and signs that you show into a language he understands. Be patient — a patient and understanding woman will fall in love with any member of the stronger sex who wants to arrange a harmonious family life no less than you.

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