How to understand a wife

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How to understand a wife

If it seems to you that there has been a discord in your family, you began to quarrel with your wife more often and get angry at her over all sorts of trifles, this means that you simply ceased to understand her. Of course, women’s psychology is different from men’s. But if you are not obliged to delve into the intricacies of the psychology of your employees at work, then you must learn to understand your spouse. How to understand wifeto end conflicts in the family?
Do not bring the conflict to the point of absurdity!
Look at the situation from her point of view. Perhaps your behavior really deserves her condemnation. For example, you were late at work and forgot to notify your wife — you just had no time, you had to urgently finish the project and you just forgot that they were waiting for you at home. Of course, you are right for yourself — the authorities demanded results, you devoted yourself entirely to work and could not think of anything else. But if you imagine yourself in the place of your wife?

Just think: you are waiting for your loved one after work, prepared a delicious dinner, canceled a meeting with friends, and not only did he not show up on time, he also does not answer calls! You just need to understand how your behavior will affect your wife, because you must be responsible to your family.
Do not bring the conflict to the point of absurdity if the reason for it is some petty female whim. Although it is sometimes difficult and you don’t want to give in at all, nevertheless you should always remember that in front of you is a woman, a creature of the weaker sex. Forgive your wife little whims, learn to enjoy what you do to please her. After all, sometimes you can watch her favorite French film, and not another comedy. Or go on a day off to her parents, and not with friends out of town. Believe me, your wife will appreciate your efforts and will be less capricious!
Learn to listen to what your wife says to you, and not let her requests go past your ears. Nothing irritates a woman like the need to repeat and ask for the same thing several times. After all, it’s easier to immediately do what your spouse asks you to do than to bring the situation to another quarrel. Just understand that your wife considers your inaction disrespectful towards her. Moreover, it’s not so difficult for you, a strong and smart man, to immediately take out the garbage or set aside half an hour to help your wife sort things out on the mezzanine.

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