How to understand relatives and be understood by them

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How to understand relatives and be understood by them

No matter what kind of relationship has developed in the family, the very desire for mutual understanding is wonderful. Unfortunately, people do not grow up and realize their values ​​at the same time. Therefore, someone must become a «victim», the first to meet the other and be patient until he grows in soul to the level of mutual love. Such sacrificial, unconditional love bears fruit, but one must act wisely so as not to fall under an overwhelming burden.
Someone takes the first step towards another


Set yourself up for victory. You should know why you need good relations with relatives. Many stop talking and don’t see each other for years. It’s great that you have other aspirations. But you must understand the meaning of suffering, what it means to you. Write these thoughts in a journal, they will support you in difficult times.
Show concern for relatives. It may be the simplest things. Arrange a family dinner, let everyone gather at a non-alcoholic table. Do it spontaneously, without any reason. Say that you want to see this as a good family tradition. Let people know that your family is a value to you. Find other ways to show you care. Buy fruit and bring to relatives. Give them concert tickets. Let them know that someone cares about them. This is the basis of mutual understanding.
Ask relatives help. It is not necessary to load them beyond their strength, let them do something simple. It is important to teach them not only to take advantage of your care, but also to contribute to building a family themselves. Do it right. Thanks for the help, don’t take it for granted.
Repeat from step 1. Train yourself to take care of yourself. accustom relatives to what you are. It is not a matter of prudence, who has done how many good deeds. There simply should not be a situation where one person drags everyone on him. Collaboration should be the norm. Helping each other should become a tradition.


Don’t expect understanding from others. It will come gradually, but it may take a long time to wait. The more you care about others, the more you will get back. Do it selflessly, become a light for all relatives.

Useful advice

Find out the dreams of loved ones. Think about how to help them get closer to the realization of their desires. People will think that you understand them very well. They will reach out to you and begin to understand you.

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