How to understand that you are cheating

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How to understand that you are cheating

“Love is blind” is not an old saying, but a bitter truth that for thousands of years has consoled those who are the last to know about betrayal. Wives, husbands, girlfriends and companions ask themselves — how could I not notice that he / she is cheating on me? Do we always know where to look? What to pay attention to? What actions should make us wary and stop being so in love, and therefore so naive?

How to understand that you are cheating


Does your partner talk on the phone longer than usual? When he picks up his cell phone, does he always have things to do outside of the room where you are? He looks at the ringing phone, sees who is calling, but does not pick up the phone, but transfers to voice mail? Has he taken his cell phone with him everywhere, including the bathroom? If this behavior is repeated more and more often, you should “take off your rose-colored glasses” and take a closer look at your partner.
Pay attention to how your companion uses the Internet. Does it wait for you to go to bed to sit at the computer, does it take the laptop to another room, does it close the browser when you enter the room? Decide for yourself if you should check his email and website history or if you want to be «above it» even if he’s hiding something from you.
Many argue that cheating will always make itself felt in the cooling of sexual relations. The person who has changed will allegedly avoid contacts of this kind. But here’s the thing — deceivers who want to hide their «turn to the left» are well aware of this popular «omen» and sometimes go to bed with you with redoubled ardor in order to avoid all sorts of suspicions and accusations. Also, do not discount the fact that in a new romance on the side, your partner may have new sexual appetites, habits and fantasies. Perhaps they can’t wait to date their crush and therefore fulfill their desires with you?
Has your partner become more picky about his appearance? Men want to look more energetic, women start dressing sexier. Usually indifferent to issues of weight, appearance, hairstyles, fragrances, the partner suddenly began to pay a lot of attention to this? If he is not very interested in whether you like these changes, most likely this is done for someone else.
Pay attention to how your partner spends money. If he suddenly began to lose large sums somewhere, and he cannot explain to you what they are going for, maybe it makes sense to look into his finances? Pay attention to the checks in his pockets, if you have the opportunity, look at the printout from his bank card. Restaurant bills you didn’t go to, flowers and jewelry you didn’t get, sexy lingerie you didn’t see her wearing — what more proof do you need to know you’re being scammed?
If suddenly your partner’s employees or friends begin to feel uncomfortable in your presence, look away, look at you with pity, in a conversation they obviously stumble and consider what has been said, does this mean that they know something about your life that they don’t do you know?
Your partner has suddenly become moody, his mood changes dramatically, he has become more aggressive in conversation with you, often asks you questions in various forms — what do you think about non-monogamous marriages? Are you really sure that you can carry the love of one person through your whole life? Are you happy with him? These may not be signs of infidelity, but they are signals that something is seriously wrong in your relationship.
Your companion has new interests and tastes that seem completely out of character to you. Has he become interested in ballroom dancing? Is she interested in chess? He began to believe that women should not paint their lips? She says a self-respecting man should spend two hours every day at the gym? What do you think, why would it?
He’s just picking on! Yesterday he was satisfied with the way you dress, cook, kiss, what you think about the situation in Pakistan and what films you watch and books you read, but today you can’t please him. It may well be that your companion is simply looking for an excuse to break off relations with you so as not to feel guilty for cheating.

Useful advice

Usually we feel great that we are being deceived, but we don’t want to believe it so much that we close our eyes to everything. If you are not a jealous person, if you have always trusted your partner completely, and now you have begun to feel some discomfort, then perhaps you should trust your intuition?

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