How to understand what a guy wants

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How to understand what a guy wants

And guy, and the girl in the relationship strives for the same goal — mutual understanding and love, only the ways to achieve them diverge. What a guy likes may not suit a girl and vice versa. By some simple signs, you can accurately determine what guy He wants what he likes and what he doesn’t like at all.
How to understand what a guy wants
Try to put yourself in his place before you do something. Imagine that you are him. This simple technique will save you from rash acts that can later push the guy away from you. If you don’t like something, then he probably won’t like it either. Just keep in mind that everyone has different tastes.

Talk to a guy. Ask him if he likes what you do and how you do it. Try to find out his attitude to your specific actions. Discuss all issues in a soft, unobtrusive manner. Remember that you should not react sharply to his phrases or be offended for no reason, otherwise the conversation will come to a standstill, and the guy will lose the desire to talk in the future in order to prevent the repetition of such a reaction.
Listen to his words. Don’t be selfish, it’s important for a guy to be listened to. Listen to him very carefully and learn to draw conclusions to understand what he wants. Listen to his point of view on various issues and in various situations, and try not to do what he does not like.
If a guy approved some act of yours and said that he liked it, which means that it can be repeated. If you kept silent or did not approve, draw the right conclusions and try not to repeat it again. If he does not explicitly express his opinion, it is better to clarify it in order to avoid misunderstandings. If you take these four simple rules into account in your daily actions, you can easily learn to understand what you want. guy.

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