How to understand what he thinks

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How to understand what he thinks

The soul of another person is always dark, no matter how close he may be. You never really know what’s on his mind. Loves — does not love, respects — despises, there is another — there is no other. How nice it would be to be able to read other people’s minds! But not everyone has this ability. We have to come up with other loopholes.
How to understand what he thinks


Start with the simplest. For even in such complex matters as other people’s thoughts and intentions, there is always a well-known and sweet option — just ask. Make a cute face, press your cheek against him when he thinks and ask the question: «Darling, what are you thinking about?», Specially focusing on the vowel «U» in the last word. If a person sincerely loves you, such a sweet curiosity of a loved one will not irritate him. But if you need to know what he thinks, then you probably doubt his feelings…
Try to follow his facial expressions. Often facial expressions, gestures, tone of voice betray much more than the words themselves. Of course, in order to draw any conclusions just by looking at your beloved face, you need to be a subtle psychologist, or better, a certified psychologist. But it is entirely within your power to look on the Internet for materials on this topic, read books. Pay particular attention to the words «non-verbal behavior» and «facial/gesture language». Such benefits will help you not only better understand your loved one, but also other people, which, you see, is also important.
Try also to observe how he sleeps. Often the movements that we make in a dream, the words that we say, again, facial expressions betray our secret desires. Please note: if your sweetheart is irritable and rude with you, and sees pleasant dreams (judging by the blissful smile), then it’s time to take care of the fate of your relationship. After all, if in a dream he sees another girl instead of you, or you, but in a slightly different way, then, waking up, he thinks about the same thing, even if he tries to somehow consciously direct his thoughts in a different direction.
Try — just carefully — ask around his friends about what he thinks on this or that occasion. Maybe, without revealing himself to you for any reason, he willingly talks about these topics with his best friends. It will be especially good if you and him have one good friend who treats you and him with the same trust, and who worries about the fate of your relationship. Such a friend can help you not only learn about the thoughts of your young man, but in general, in principle, better understand him.
And finally: before you read other people’s thoughts and climb into someone else’s soul, better follow yourself and your thoughts. Maybe they just do not match the mood of your young man. Then it’s better to ask him what he wants, not what he thinks. In the end, both he and you will still have to change someday in order to save the relationship. It is better to do this earlier, and then your thoughts will coincide, and coincide for a long time.

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