How to wean him to swear

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How to wean him to swear

If your ears begin to pawn from the number of swear words you hear, then the time has come to wean him from swearing, or at least limit the use of swear words in your presence. In order to wean a person who is at work surrounded by the same people who use profanity when communicating, you need to be patient and perseverant.
How to wean him to swear


Start by asking them to avoid swear words in everyday conversations. In this situation, the main thing is to choose the right tone and intonation. They should sound sincere and not look like an order.
To achieve the desired effect, repeat your request at least once a day. Come up with some specific arguments why you need to unlearn swearing.
Patiently and persistently offer to wean swearing. Try to interest him in some small material goods. Even a comic sentence can make you stop using swear words.

For starters, try to at least ensure that he swears in a low voice, and not the whole room. After he learns to swear very quietly or to himself, then for him the meaning of expressing violent emotions with the help of profanity will disappear.

Record his speech on a voice recorder and listen to it.
Offer to spend a day fighting swear words. Put a piggy bank, and let him put there a certain amount of money for each uttered swear word.
Shame him, explain that he sets a bad example for children.
Talk heart to heart with him more often, explain that it is unpleasant for you to listen to swear words all the time. A person will not be able to unlearn swearing until he really wants to. This is the same as with cigarettes or alcohol. If he cannot completely unlearn swearing, then let him do it in the circle of his friends, and at home try not to use the mat.

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