How to wish happy birthday to your loved one

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How to wish happy birthday to your loved one

It is unlikely that anyone will argue with the fact that the day birth This is a wonderful holiday, and with the fact that it happens only once a year. Therefore the day birth your beloved should become an event of universal scale. How to congratulate your girlfriend on the holiday so that she remembers this day forever?
The best gift for a loved one is to be with her


Buy her a gift that she wants for a long time. The best gift is a long-awaited gift. But in order not to be mistaken in her desires, you need to conduct reconnaissance in advance — for example, ask your friends or give the task to find out what your beloved wants, her younger brother.
Send her a beautiful bouquet of flowers in the morning with a courier, let your flowers be the very first for her. Don’t forget to include a card or postcard with gentle words.
Buy and inflate as many colored balloons as your girlfriend is. Give a task to the kids from her yard so that when they meet your beloved at the house, they release a bunch of these balloons into the sky. It will be very beautiful and unusual. Or you can do this: first put a note with compliments or just affectionate words into each ball, and hand the balls yourself.
Send her pleasant text messages every hour throughout the day. Remember that girls are very fond of and never get tired of hearing compliments! Just try to keep the words non-banal and sincere.
Decorate the window of your loved one with beautiful bright balloons and flags. Hang a congratulatory poster under it. All this can be done, of course, if the floor allows.
Engrave on a piece of jewelry or give her some unusual souvenir as another gift — a CD with her portrait and a selection of her favorite music or films, a T-shirt with an original inscription or congratulations, a collage of her or your joint photos in a beautiful frame.
Rent a cozy apartment for a day. Decorate it in a romantic style: scatter rose petals everywhere, light candles, prepare pleasant music in advance. Cook yourself or order a good dinner in a restaurant, do not forget to buy a bottle of your girlfriend’s favorite wine or surprise her with a rare expensive and exquisite drink.
Be with her today. And even if you are apart, find a way to come to her and be there. After all, the best gift for your loved one is you.

Attention, only TODAY!

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