How to write condolences

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How to write condolences

The loss of a family member, friend, or even a pet is one of the most difficult emotional experiences a person goes through. Letter from condolences it’s one way to help someone through difficult times a little. Trying to write such a letter can be very difficult, you may feel confused and uncomfortable, not knowing exactly what to say to someone who is going through such crushing grief. However, even in such a delicate matter, there are tips to help you collect your thoughts and avoid obvious mistakes.
How to write condolences
You will need
  • A pen
  • Paper
  • Sincere feelings


Don’t delay writing a letter condolences for a long time. If you failed to express your condolences within two weeks after the tragic event, then you should not take it up anymore.
Be brief. When someone is going through such a difficult event, it is unlikely that he will have the strength to read long messages of condolence.
Don’t be overly assertive. Emotional support is important, not the literary form in which you express it. Someone who is grieving may simply not understand what you are talking about if the letter is written too ornately.
Make sure that you absolutely know how to spell the name and patronymic of the deceased. If you mess something up, it will be an insulting and unforgivable mistake.
Begin your letter with what you learned about the loss and how the news made you feel. Don’t write about what you imagine the bereaved person is going through right now, even if you’ve already had a similar experience. Grief is a deeply personal experience for everyone. Instead, write «I can’t imagine what you’re going through right now.»
Offer your help, but only in something specific. A heartbroken person is unlikely to be able to simply think about what help he needs, but if you yourself offer something that is needed, it will be easier for him to think about your offer.
If you have something to remember about the departed, you can write a couple of lines about what he was like. Sometimes it becomes a little easier for people when they just see the name of a loved one, they know that someone else remembers him with warmth.
Finish the letter with your sincere condolences and the hope that time will be able to dull the pain experienced by the addressee at least a little.


If you are not sure that your addressee belongs to some religious denomination, avoid any mention of a better world and similar doctrines. Even if you yourself are a sincere believer.

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