Husband does not want intimacy with his wife — reasons

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husband does not want intimacy with his wife reasons

Every woman wants to always be loved and desired by her husband. However, for various reasons, it may happen that the husband does not want intimacy with his wife. Most women in this situation become very worried about this and various obsessive thoughts visit their heads. Let’s try to figure out why this can happen.

Why does a husband not want intimacy during pregnancy?

Expecting a baby is a wonderful time for both partners. But during pregnancy, a woman, more than ever, wants to know that she is still beautiful and desirable for her chosen one, despite the change in forms and, of course, only her beloved spouse will help her become more confident.

During this period, a woman becomes very sensitive to everything. I want more attention and affection for myself, so it can often seem that the beloved has completely cooled off, especially if he also began to refuse the intimate part of the relationship. But do not forget that during the period of expectation of a child, men also have certain experiences, certain feelings and emotions. This time is also not easy for them, as soon there will be a replenishment in the family. This suggests that a man needs to work harder, therefore, he will be more tired. In addition, some representatives of the stronger sex have a feeling of fear to hurt or somehow harm a pregnant wife or baby.

If this topic is very disturbing to the soul, try to calmly talk about it with your spouse. Say that you lack attention from him and intimacy during pregnancy will not do any harm.

Reason #1 — a man is afraid that he can hurt not only his pregnant wife, but also the baby.

Reason #2 — the spouse seeks to earn more money in order to ensure a happy future for the child, and therefore, at the end of the working day, he gets very tired and only has the strength to get home and go to bed.

Husband doesn’t want intimacy after having a baby

It often happens that the birth has already been successfully completed, the baby is growing, but for some reason the man is in no hurry to fulfill his marital duty. Psychologists say that not only pregnancy, but also a certain period after the birth of a child becomes difficult for both partners. At this time, many families also experience a significant decline in sexual activity. After all, the first months, babies are very capricious and require a lot of attention. Naturally, young parents get very tired from constant lack of sleep and other household chores, so here the reasons why the husband does not want closeness with his wife are quite obvious. At this time, one should be more attentive and respectful to each other and in no case be fraught with resentment.

Reason #3 — young parents are so tired caring for a newborn that thoughts of sexual intimacy have ceased to visit them. Now for the spouse, his little miracle becomes the main man, and therefore he is ready to give himself only to him.

Why does a man not want intimacy?

Sometimes it happens that the lack of sex between spouses is completely unrelated to the causes of pregnancy and the postpartum period. Here it will be more difficult to determine the true cause, since there can be a lot of them.

There are many female representatives who, when they get married, stop caring for themselves: a dressing gown, an untidy look, and perhaps even a dozen extra pounds gained are unlikely to cause sexual attraction in a man.

Perhaps your spouse works a lot and experiences constant work-related stress that he does not talk about. Fatigue and nerves can significantly affect sexual desires, so in this case he is clearly not up to intimate caresses. But it also happens that a man loses the need for physical intimacy due to health problems. They can be associated with both the reproductive system and general malaise. In such cases, the female often has the idea that the husband has taken a mistress. Alas, this option is not at all uncommon, so it should not be ruled out. Over the long years lived together, sexual life could become boring and monotonous, so many males are looking for new sensations and diversity on the side.

We can draw the following conclusions: reason number 4 lies in the woman herself. There are many wives who, having married, stop caring for themselves, and men, as you know, love with their eyes.

Reason #5 — it is possible that your beloved at work experiences constant stress, and therefore it is fatigue and constant nervous tension that make him refuse sex.

Reason #6 — a young man may not realize it himself, but it is possible that he has health problems (both general malaise and diseases associated with the reproductive system).

Reason #7 — mistress. It is the search for diversity, getting new sensations that makes young people “go to the side”.

Each representative of the fair sex will be wary if her beloved began to pay less attention to her, cooled down, and even more so if she refuses to fulfill her marital duty. But is it worth taking everything so personally? After all, the reasons for this behavior can be different. Let’s try to figure it out in this article.


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