Is it possible to flirt with friends of the chosen one?

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Is it possible to flirt with friends of the chosen one

Now it’s time to get to know his friends, but how to behave so that the first meeting and further communication brings only positive emotions. Maybe you need to flirt, because in this way there is a chance to please all the guys, or do you need to keep your distance?

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You must understand that for many guys, friends are much more important than a girl, especially with whom they have not been dating for so long. Much connects him with them and it is easier to say goodbye to you than to a friend with whom he has been friends since childhood. Therefore, if you really like a guy, try to choose the right demeanor and find a common language with his friends, as their opinion will mean a lot.

Is it possible to flirt with a guy’s friends?

This situation is dual and the result of such flirting can be different. If you don’t overdo it, then light flirting will cause the right jealousy in your lover, that is, he will see that his friends like you, which means that he made the right choice. Basically, this flirting will not be taken seriously, so do not get carried away and better flirt with your boyfriend. But on the other hand, such behavior can cause a completely different reaction. The beloved will think that if you can flirt in front of his eyes with friends, what then do you do during his absence and does it end with ordinary flirting? Therefore, it is best to put your coquetry aside and try to build communication with friends without flirting. The guy’s friends should respect and appreciate you, and not be head over heels in love.

How should you behave?

You need to choose the right behavior pattern so that your loved one is proud of you and convinced of the correctness of his decision.

  1. Keep your distance. Many girls from the first minutes of meeting try to do everything to become «their own on the board» in the company of a guy. From the outside, it will look strange and funny, and you will achieve completely opposite results.
  2. Don’t conflict with anyone. For some reason, many girls are sure that in any conflict in which their friends will participate, he will, of course, take their side. But it’s best not to tempt fate and not to scandal with anyone, because your task is to make friends, not to quarrel.
  3. Be yourself. Any game for the public is always noticeable and sooner or later you will be suspected of being fake. Therefore, be yourself, only in this way, you can be sincere and demonstrate all your positive aspects. If you do not like this company, then it is best to politely and calmly leave it, and not tell everyone what they really are and what you think about them. It is not necessary to communicate with his friends if you absolutely do not like them, but the reason must be objective.
  4. Don’t be jealous of his friends. If you go for a walk in the company of his friends, then keep in mind that he is not obliged to spend all the time with you. Of course, he will take into account the fact that you are next to him, but he is not obliged to be on a “leash”. Therefore, your jealousy will be completely inappropriate and will most likely lead to a scandal, rather than a fun pastime.
  5. Is it possible to flirt with friends of the chosen one

  6. First impression. Remember that you will not get a second chance to show yourself, so never express your «fi» very loudly. For example, you don’t like the place you went to or the music his friends are listening to. You will be in the spotlight for only a few minutes, then everyone will go about their usual business, and you either fit in or you don’t.

After the meeting, the friends of the chosen one should understand that you will not violate their company in any way and will not spoil the communication. You must become the decoration of this «party». Of course, it won’t work the first time, but the first step towards meeting the goal has been taken.


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