Is it possible to live without love?

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Is it possible to live without love

Discussions on whether it is possible to live without love will last as long as humanity lives. Indeed, why does a person need love if he has a mind, arms, legs and all the benefits of civilization created by him? But would the development of this very civilization be possible without love?

Why can’t a person live without love?

Because without her, he simply would not have been born. Love underlies the instinct of reproduction, it is also an invariable component of a mother’s feelings for her newborn child, which prompts her to take care of him and protect him to the last drop of blood. Love is the foundation, the support of everything. When it is, a person wants to live, work, breathe, and most importantly — to give. Those who are unable to love cannot give anything in return, they will never become good spouses, parents, children. Their little world, fenced off from all the rest, is miserable and poor.

It is possible to live in a marriage without love, but will it be happy — that is the question. Many choose a mate based on the criteria of wealth, position in society, etc. It is more important for them to look, create an impression, and not to be. They are ready to give up happiness for the sake of imaginary well-being, but over time, many realize that this is the wrong way. Asking yourself whether a person can live without love, you need to think about the meaning of his life. Does he exist at all? After all, his entire existence is an empty and meaningless struggle, an effort on himself, because such a member of society does not feel support. The ground beneath him is unsteady, like sand, and the soul is lonely, like wind in a field. Confucius said that love is what makes a person a person. Those who do not know this feeling destroy our planet, start wars and disasters, and those who love create and are ready to sacrifice themselves for the love of their neighbor.


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