Is jealousy a sign of love?

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jealousy is a sign of love

Whether jealousy is a sign of love or distrust is probably difficult to say. In fact, everything is mixed in this feeling: love, distrust, and the dominant property. Plus, this whole set very often is based on low self-esteem and an inferiority complex.

Jealous means love?

Confident and self-aware people, jealousy is usually inherent to a lesser extent. Moreover, sometimes they perceive the presence of a potential rival (or rival) as a challenge, and this is a stimulating factor for them for external and internal self-improvement.

There is an opinion among the people that jealousy is a sign of love. This is true, but only to some extent. We are jealous only of those whom on a subconscious level we consider our property, and, no matter how strong the feeling of love, we actually feel for these people, although naturally, the stronger the love, the more painful the feelings of jealousy will be.

Total control

Jealousy, by definition, is considered a destructive feeling. In particular, this aspect of it is noticeable in individuals suffering from low self-esteem, who are trying with all their might to ensure that the object of their affection is constantly in sight or within every minute of reach via cellular communication. Total control over the actions of a lover is necessary for them, like air, because deep in their subconscious they feel they are not competitive enough in relation to their various data, whether it be appearance or the level of spiritual and intellectual development and mistakenly believe that steeljealousy is a sign of love the chain of control with which they try to tie a loved one to themselves is a guarantee that he will not go anywhere. And the stronger this confidence is in them, the more painful is the disappointment from the moment when the links of such a chain are torn and the object of love disappears from their life forever.

So, to completely consider jealousy as a sign of love is probably not entirely true. First of all, it is necessary to understand what negative personal characteristics cause it in each individual case. Particularly dangerous are manifestations of pathological jealousy, which are based on certain mental deviations from the norm, and a psychiatrist should deal with them directly.


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