Jealousy of a man

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male jealousy

Jealousy is that feeling that has developed and accompanied us along the entire path of evolution. It is its evolutionary nature that is the reason for the difference in the jealousy of a man and a woman. After all, we have different evolutionary functions. Today we will discuss the causes and manifestations of male jealousy, although the female manifestation of this destructive feeling is much more popular.

Causes of jealousy

Men have only one reason for jealousy — men can never be 100% sure that your common child is really his child. You may be indignant and answer that you don’t have children yet, but the young man still behaves like the last Othello. Do not flatter yourself, you may not have children, but jealousy will always be. As we have already mentioned, jealousy is an evolutionary, ancient feeling aimed at protecting the family from the intrusion of strangers. A man, without realizing it, instinctively worries that his «female» will bring someone else’s child into the house. There is nothing more terrible for a man than this.

The psychology of jealousy in men is such that not being a biological father is a terrible waste, which means investing valuable resources in preserving the competitor’s genes in the future, and not your own. Perhaps, understanding these touching primitive feelings of their chosen one, the ladies will stop adding fuel to the fire?

Jealousy and its physiological side

With psychology and instincts, everything is already clear, but did you know that jealousy also manifests itself physiologically? After a long separation, for example, one of you was away on a business trip, during intercourse, men release much more sperm than usual. This is not because he was so bored or abstained for a long time. If there was a long abstinence, but you were nearby, there will be no increase in sperm volume. The reason is simple — the male body, «afraid» that you had contact with a «stranger», releases killer spermatozoa in order to eliminate the competitor’s seed. Men may not be aware of this phenomenon, not even notice it. But this is another confirmation that the manifestation of jealousy in men is aimed at preserving his own genes.

Manifestation of jealousy

Now let’s talk about how male jealousy manifests itself, that is, what are the signs of jealousy in men (in order to recognize the danger in time):

  • a man completely denies that he is jealous, and the more he denies, the more jealousy;
  • a man shows an unprecedented interest in your life — where and with whom he was, what was discussed, whom he saw, etc.;
  • a man strictly controls your wardrobe — something longer, something plainer, but it would be better just a veil;
  • a man is trying to minimize your social contacts — with friends, relatives, colleagues;
  • a man is angry with you when you are together in a company — she didn’t sit down like that, she didn’t say that, she didn’t look like that.

Is it possible to fight jealousy?

Perhaps, for women who wanted to know where the legs of male jealousy grow from, they are most interested in how to deal with male jealousy? It is impossible and unnecessary to cure jealousy, remember, jealousy is the fruit of evolution and our connection with nature is too strong. But a jealous woman can do a lot:

  • stop frankly flirting and making eyes at the first male creature that comes across in the presence of your male;
  • causes of jealousy in men

  • raise the self-esteem of your jealous person — tell him (convincingly!) That he is the best, smartest, good, handsome and beloved;
  • most importantly — do not add fuel to the fire yourself, because women very often give men a reason for jealousy for their own pleasure;
  • if you do not give any reason for jealousy, and the man’s rage does not subside, consult a psychologist, because strong and pathological jealousy can even lead to murder and suicide.

Don’t play with genes like that!


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