Love triangle — what to do in such a situation?

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Love triangle - what to do in such a situation?

Unfortunately, the love triangle is not uncommon in today’s world. This scenario involves two people having romantic feelings for the same person. Such relationships in most cases do not last long and make someone from this company suffer.

Love triangle — the psychology of relationships

There are two types of love triangles: when two people want to win a third, or when one is in love with another, and he is in love with a third. The first option is more popular. In psychology, the love triangle can be of two models:

  1. ZHMZH. For a male hunter, such a situation excites and the relationship with his mistress for him is a kind of game shrouded in mystery. According to statistics, only a small percentage of men leave their wife for a mistress. In most cases, they simply saturate with emotions and return to the family.
  2. MZHM. Less common is the situation when a woman has two men. She does not have a goal to harm her partner, she is driven by the desire to be needed and loved. In many couples, over time, a man ceases to show feelings and tenderness for his wife, who is looking for it on the side. In most cases, the lover does not pretend to be a woman, and this state of affairs suits him quite well. The outcome of the situation depends on the main partner, whether he wants to change the situation or break off the relationship.

Love triangle — reasons

To prevent such a situation in your relationship, you need to understand the real reasons why and why a love triangle arises:

  1. If the couple has an insincere relationship, then the appearance of flirting on the side is quite understandable.
  2. When in a couple people stop feeling happy and the relationship becomes boring, they begin to look for emotions on the side.
  3. A desire to take revenge can push for treason, for example, when a man or woman notices flirting with others from his partner.
  4. Spontaneous love triangle may arise due to sexual promiscuity. There are no deep feelings here, but only «bestial desire».
  5. Some men and women, wanting to delay the moment of growing up, begin to look younger, look for relationships outside the existing couple.
  6. To compensate for their own inferiority, people can regularly add to the list of their «victories».

love triangle reasons

Love triangle — what to do in such a situation?

No matter how the relationship develops, sooner or later the realization will come that something needs to change. If a love triangle has arisen, there is only one way out — to make the right decision so as not to torment anyone and not suffer yourself. If self-analysis does not give results, then it is better to contact a psychologist who will help determine the cause of what happened and lead to the right decision.

How to get out of a love triangle?

Each participant in the triangle has their own advice on how to end such a relationship in the best and most comfortable way:

  1. Who changed. First you need to understand yourself in order to understand what prompted you to cheat and who is more dear to your heart. When the choice is made, you need to understand how to get out of the love triangle with minimal losses. It is recommended to act decisively and not to react to the provocations of the offended party. You need to leave completely, putting a bold point. Direct all your feelings to strengthening the relationship in favor of which the choice is made.
  2. Who was deceived. The right decision to get out of a love triangle is to decide in a sober mind whether you want to save the relationship or leave. After that, you need to calmly talk with the person and sort out the situation. Aggression and nerves can only make things worse.
  3. With whom did you change. You need to talk with your partner and sincerely tell him that this state of affairs does not suit you. It is important to show decency, no need to intimidate using threats and tears. Look at your beloved with a sober look in order to make the right decision and make a choice. The main advice on how to win in a love triangle is to start a new and happy life.

Divination «Love Triangle»

Many in difficult situations, in order to understand themselves and get useful advice, use fortune telling. With their help, you can find out about the feelings of each participant, get advice on how to break the love triangle, and understand how the situation will end. It is important to take this seriously, otherwise the information will be misleading. Handling should be done alone, so that nothing interferes and does not distract.

divination love triangle

Tarot «Love Triangle»

In such situations, many questions arise in the head, and you can find answers to them with the help of Tarot, which provide useful information. Fortune telling on a love triangle on the cards is carried out alone. You need to shuffle the cards and lay out five pieces in front of you, and then proceed to decryption. Tarot meaning can be found here.

  • card number 1 — the relationship of a man to you;
  • card number 2 — a man’s feelings for a rival;
  • card number 3 — plans and thoughts of the opponent;
  • card number 4 — advice on how best to build relationships with a man;
  • card number 5 — how it all ends.

Love Triangle Solitaire

In order to understand the situation, you can make a simple layout by taking a regular deck of cards that should not have been used for the game before. First, hold the deck in your hands for a while to saturate it with your own energy. After that, think about your lover and rival, shuffle the cards and make a layout, as shown in the figure. The meaning can be found here, and the alignment on the Love Triangle cards is interpreted as follows:

love triangle solitaire

  • card number 1 — the feelings of the chosen one for you;
  • card number 2 — the feelings of the chosen one for another girl;
  • card number 3 — the feelings of the opponent;
  • card number 4 — the opponent’s emotions towards you;
  • card number 5 — what a man wants from a relationship with you;
  • card number 6 — what a man expects from an alliance with a rival;
  • card number 7 — the situation at the moment;
  • card number 8 — a prospect for the future;
  • card number 9 — what will it all come to.

Fortune telling on the runes «Love Triangle»

For predictions, you can use runes that you can buy or make with your own hands, the main thing is to fill them with your energy. Fortune telling on the opponent «Love Triangle» will help to obtain important information about the opponent and find out the real feelings of the partner. First you need to think about a triangle, mix the runes and draw eight at random at the same time. Divination should be done no more than once a week. The meaning of the runes can be found here. Fortune telling «Love Triangle» is interpreted as follows:

  1. Rune number 1 — gives information about feelings and plans for you from the side of the object of adoration.
  2. Rune number 2 — the same as the first rune, but only to the opponent.
  3. Rune number 3 — what the opponent thinks and feels.
  4. Rune number 4 — what are the prospects for the development of relations, if you make an effort to win your lover.
  5. Rune number 5 — how relations will develop if everything is left to chance.
  6. Rune number 6 — what will be the result of relations with you.
  7. Rune number 7 — how the relationship with the opponent will end.
  8. Rune number 8 — useful advice.

Films about the love triangle

The theme of rivalry in love relationships is actively used in cinema. There are interesting films about betrayal and love triangles:

  1. «obsession«. Julia starts a new relationship with a divorced man, but the ex-wife can’t let go of the situation and tries to ruin the life of the lovers when the opportunity arises.
  2. «Wrong«. The couple of Edward and Connie looks perfect, but in fact, the relationship lacks passion. The girl finds her on the side and soon the betrayals are revealed.
  3. «Vicky Cristina Barcelona«. Two different girls came from the USA to Barcelona, ​​and they met a young artist who can’t decide who to build a relationship with. Soon, another participant appears in the love triangle — the ex-wife.

love triangle movies

love triangle books

Interesting stories about love affairs, doubts and sincere feelings are described by the authors in works of art. According to reviews, such books about love triangles are popular:

  1. «Star Kiss» V. Ivanova. An ordinary girl falls in love with the star of the school football team, but a rival appears on the way to the handsome man’s heart. Making a choice and fighting for love will not be easy.
  2. «Under cover of heaven» P. Bowles. The couple has been together for more than 10 years and they understand that the relationship has reached an impasse. They are rich and can afford to travel. Once again, they take a friend with them, who makes all feelings break out, forming a love triangle.
  3. «After» A. Todd. Relationships are formed between a good girl and a bad boy, and they start with hatred and turn into passion. The problem is that she has a boyfriend, and he has a terrible secret.


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