Masculine and feminine principles in psychology and philosophy

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Masculine and feminine as proof of the duality of the world

The idea of ​​the duality of the world has long been voiced by philosophers, and its crowning achievement was the assumption that the male and female principles in a person are intertwined. Their harmonious development opens the way to personal and professional success, otherwise contradictions will not allow moving forward.

What is feminine?

This aspect of the personality is connected with the way the world is perceived, so what is the feminine in a woman can be understood by referring to the Eastern tradition. In it, Yin correlates with night, water, passivity and focus on the inner. Its manifestations are:

  • desire to protect and care;
  • the presence of intuition;
  • modesty, the ability to adapt and smooth out conflict situations;
  • love for monotonous and predictable actions;
  • interest in riddles and secrets;
  • suggestibility, the ability to obey.

symbol of the feminine

The representatives of the weaker sex have long been revered for their ability to give life, so references to the sacred feminine can be found both in texts and in works of art. One of the most ancient signs is Yoni — a symbolic image of the vulva. Later, a more chaste sign of the feminine began to be used — the mirror of Venus, which looks like a circle with a cross under it.

feminine sign

Masculinity in a woman — psychology

Modern science agrees with the ancient philosophers about the presence of masculine and feminine principles in personality at the same time. If these parties are in conflict, then gradually these contradictions will lead to a crisis. The masculine principle in a woman is manifested by initiative, the desire for dominance, activity and the predominance of logic over emotions. These qualities sometimes have to be specially developed for professional success, but if you overdo it, you can get serious personal problems. The denial of already existing «male» qualities will also have a negative impact.

How to return the feminine?

The peculiarities of upbringing and the need to compete with men make the question of how to develop the feminine in oneself relevant. It is not necessary to become an initiativeless slob, you just need to observe yourself and notice the moments in which the male energy manifests itself too brightly, creating an imbalance. After that, it remains only to find a way to balance them, the following options will help in the search.

  1. Appearance. It is difficult to feel like a fragile young lady in an inexpressive suit, especially a trouser one. Even with a dress code, you can find a way to look feminine, and in your free time, dresses and skirts should become faithful companions.
  2. Relaxation. The feminine principle is the work of Yin energy, which is restored at night, so you need to devote enough time to sleep. In addition, you need to allocate time when no one will distract from focusing on yourself. You can fill this time with beauty treatments, reading books, hobbies — any activity that gives peace of mind will do.
  3. Physical exercise. A good option would be Pilates, yoga or running. The type of activity chosen must exclude competition, otherwise Yang energy will be used, which will only aggravate the situation.
  4. Positive emotions. Anger and conflict contradict female nature, so they need to be balanced with pleasant impressions.
  5. meditation. They will help you calm down, concentrate on important things, removing disturbing garbage from your thoughts.

sign of masculinity

Feminine Mantra

In the Eastern tradition, there is the practice of meditation on the mantra — the rhythmic recitation of prayers. They are different: some will help balance the masculine and feminine, others will attract money and success, others will have a healing effect. The mantra of the absolute feminine is aimed at restoring balance and energy. Her text is «Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha». You need to pronounce it, adhering to the following rules.

  1. The prayer is repeated 9 times in a row.
  2. Words are pronounced in a singsong voice, there are no jerky and abrupt transitions.
  3. The duration of meditation is not limited.
  4. Preferably practice at dawn.
  5. Mantras are read while sitting in any comfortable position.
  6. Before starting meditation, you need to relax and clear your thoughts of anxieties.
  7. The first words are spoken in a whisper, gradually increasing the volume.

What is masculinity?

In the East, Yang (masculine) is associated with day, fire, activity and orientation to external events. It manifests itself in:

  • dominance, the desire to control;
  • clarity, order, striving for large-scale projects;
  • logic and creativity;
  • narcissism;
  • activity and extraversion.

Symbol of the masculine

The earliest designations are reduced to the symbolic image of the phallus, for example, lingam. Better known is another sign used in alchemy and astrology to designate Mars. It looks like a circle with an arrow going up and sideways. In the first case, the sign of the masculine principle meant the ability to create, generative power, and in the second, military qualities are more reflected. Another ancient symbol of Yin and Yang shows that the masculine and feminine are inseparable and are designed to complement each other. There is a white dot in the black drop, and a black dot in the white one, which indicates the dual nature of the personality.

symbol of the masculine

Femininity in a man — psychology

No matter how brutal a man may seem, there are still some feminine features in him. This is a normal state, because without them it would be difficult for an active conqueror to interact with other people. With too strong development of these qualities, a suppressed masculine principle is observed, which leads to the following characteristic features in behavior.

  1. Lack of initiative.
  2. Desire to obey, weakness of character.
  3. Excessive emotionality, cowardice, fear of responsibility.

The origins of these traits are in education. If a boy is raised by a single woman or he appeared in a family with a courageous mother and a weak father, then there is a high probability of entering adulthood with a complete lack of independent existence. It is possible to solve this problem, but a strong desire to work on oneself is required, which is often not enough for the representatives of the stronger sex with an oppressed masculine principle.


How to develop masculinity?

Both philosophical teachings and psychology believe that a developed masculine principle is a necessary condition for success, especially when it comes to the representative of the stronger sex. If this aspect was suppressed during growing up and continues to be oppressed, you need to start working on improving it if you want to change the existing situation. It will help to work with a specialist and self-study, of which the following can be distinguished.

  1. Search for problems. First you need to make a list of situations in which the masculine is suppressed, and the feminine comes to the fore. Then you need to imagine a way to fix these points. After that, it remains only to proceed with the implementation of the resulting action plan. It is important to regularly train the desired qualities so that their manifestation becomes a habit.
  2. Physical activity. Putting your body in order will fill you with the necessary energy for accomplishments. A sense of strength will help you use masculine traits and will not let you back down in the face of difficulties.
  3. Meditations. A good auxiliary way to achieve harmony and concentration on your goal.

Mantra of the masculine

There are several options for such prayers for the stronger sex, but if there is a denial of the masculine, then a universal mantra would be a good option: «Isim Dzisim Opusim Phvat». It is desirable to pronounce it 108 times, if the time for such a number of repetitions, then they can be reduced to any number that is a multiple of 9. The rest of the reading rules coincide with the recommendations for reading the female mantra.


Harmonization of the feminine and masculine

Two aspects are present in the personality at the same time, but this does not mean the uniform development of both. The harmony of the feminine and masculine principles implies their acceptance, but leaving the leading role of the part corresponding to the sex. The following practices will help you find balance.

  1. Sun and moon. These luminaries are responsible for the energy of Yang and Yin, so meditation with their participation will help restore the balance between the two principles. To perform it, you need to sit or lie down in a comfortable position with your hands palms up. First you need to imagine the Sun in your right palm, feel its energy, feel how the golden stream overflows the body and envelops the aura. Then attention switches to the left palm, in which the Moon is located. With her silvery energy, you need to do the same, and then return to the Sun. Gradually, it will be possible to keep both energies in sight and interact with them.
  2. Two beginnings. In this meditation, you will have to invite the inner woman and the man in turn to the conversation. To do this, you need to relax, fill your body with energy and wait for one of the principles to appear before your inner gaze, it can look like a person or take the form of an animal. After a conversation with both, it is necessary to see both beginnings at once in order to consider the relationship between them, the connections and problems. After that, it is recommended to surround the images with energy, thank for the conversation and complete the meditation.


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