Massage for men — a description of the classical, Thai, tantric, health and sports look

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Massage for men - a description of the classical, Thai, tantric, health and sports look

It is easy to surprise any man, a loving woman knows how to please her loved one. Professional massage for men, performed in a pleasant environment, will not only relax the muscles, but also give unforgettable emotions.

Types of massage for men

Since ancient times, massage has been an integral part of people’s lives and a favorite way to improve the body. The mechanical effect on various parts of the body has a therapeutic effect — doctors have noticed this for a long time, and began to use female and male massage for health problems. More than 20 types of massage are known today, among the most popular:

  • classical;
  • Thai;
  • tantric;
  • wellness;
  • Taoist;
  • manual;
  • erotic;
  • point;
  • lymphatic drainage.

Classic massage for men

The principles of classical massage have remained unchanged for many years. For men, to maintain sexual function, it is important to work out the lumbosacral spine. The blood supply to the pelvic organs is associated with the work of the reproductive organs. With manual action on the muscles, they warm up, the man feels a surge of strength and vigor, all processes in the body are activated. Classical massage begins with light stroking movements, which turn into a deep effect on the muscles. Subdued light, pleasant music contribute to relaxation and enhance the effect of massage.

Thai massage for men

Some types of massage differ from others in their effect on the body. Asian body massage for men is covered with legends and secrets, some representatives of the stronger sex go specifically to Thailand for it. There, this direction is considered an art that has been studied for years. The combination of secret practices, meditations and prayers made Thai massage an unforgettable experience. Body massage for men involves all organs and parts of the body. It is believed that an experienced massage therapist is able to bring the patient with his movements to a state close to nirvana.

Tantric massage for a man

Ancient tantra is based on the expression of love between partners, tantric massage is designed to give a sense of harmony and joy, turning into part of an erotic foreplay. The exchange of energy, internal Yin and Yang occurs while touching the body during a massage. Tantra massage for men should affect the feet, ear shells, pelvic region, lower back and sacrum, so it is possible not only to give each other enchanting sensations, but also to prolong youth and improve the body. Removal of stress and the negative influence of the surrounding world is guaranteed after such a massage.

Wellness massage for men

High-quality wellness massage can quickly restore health and strength spent in daily life, improve blood circulation, increase metabolism at the cellular level, and become a prevention of various diseases. Knowing how to give a massage to a man can help him withstand stressful situations and improve immunity. An experienced massage therapist will be able to stimulate blood circulation, eliminate congestion in the body. Massaging the main areas for men’s health — the lower back, prostate, pelvic organs will heal the whole body.

Sports massage for men

Sports massage can effectively restore the body after physical exertion. Professional sports involve regular massage sessions, for men this is especially true. By variety, this type of effect on the muscles is divided into several types, which have significant differences:

  1. Preliminary massage, performed to prepare the body for stress, is warming up, warming and soothing.
  2. Training relaxation massage for male athletes is considered an integral part of preparation for competitions, it is effective to do it 2-4 hours after training, and then take a hot bath or visit the sauna.
  3. Restorative professional massage for men is aimed at relieving discomfort, muscle cramps, pain syndromes during high loads.

Taoist massage for men

Taoist massage, based on the ancient teaching of harmonizing the body and mind of a person, is capable of normalizing the work of the whole organism. It is possible to get rid of stress, overcome fatigue, restore strength, slow down the aging process in the body with the help of ancient practices. Penis massage for men is relevant at any age. This organ contains the maximum number of active points that are responsible for the work of the whole organism. Patting, gentle rubbing, gentle pinching will make any man experience incredible sensations.

  1. There are points on the head, massaging and rubbing of which improves the activity of the lungs, prostate gland and heart.
  2. Stroking the upper part of the trunk normalizes the work of the stomach and spleen.
  3. For problems with the liver and small intestine, special attention should be paid to the central part of the penis shaft.
  4. The base of the penis must be massaged to improve the functioning of the kidneys and bladder.
  5. The testicles are a zone that cannot be bypassed; points are concentrated on this paired organ that normalize the work of the whole organism.

Manual massage for a man

A branch of medicine that includes numerous methods of influencing the body with the help of hands — manual therapy, may resemble ordinary massage, but has significant differences in technique. A well-trained specialist should know how to massage a man and work out deeply located joints, muscles, bones and organs. The basis of manual massage is the connection between all human organs and the spine, the impact on it can relieve muscle tone and stop the development of many diseases. Manual massage is shown for men with:

  • diseases of the musculoskeletal system;
  • problems with the nervous system;
  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, if there is no exacerbation;
  • metabolic disorders;
  • ENT diseases.

Erotic massage for men

The purpose of the most pleasant of all types of massage — erotic, is maximum relaxation, removal of muscle and psychological clamps. Proper accompaniment — pleasant music, scented candles, «delicious» oil, turned off mobile phones. All of the above is necessary for an unforgettable session. Erotic massage techniques that can drive any man crazy should be known to any woman.

  1. Spiral games are a kind of stroking movements that always focus on the intimate groin area. A massage for a beloved man can end with such movements, being a prelude to a sleepless night. The main thing in the performance of this technique is the absence of touches in the penis area, thus the maximum excitation of the partner occurs.
  2. Contrasting touches activate all erogenous zones on a man’s body. Stroking with a piece of ice and immediately after — with a hot stone will give an unforgettable experience.
  3. Pulling technique — rhythmic movements that suddenly stop, introducing a man into bewilderment. Pauses during this massage should not last long, a couple of seconds is enough for the effect.

Acupressure for men

From ancient China, acupressure came to us, which is aimed at stimulating special points. Knowing how to properly massage a man, you can achieve a different effect. Calm, continuous rotational movements clockwise for 3 minutes. for each point — the basis of a soothing acupressure, it is best done in the evening. Strong pressure and separation of the finger from the point with an impact of up to one minute have a tonic effect, this type of massage should be practiced in the morning. Contraindications for this type of massage are:

  • any form of benign tumors;
  • oncological diseases;
  • tuberculosis in the active phase;
  • diseases of the intestines and stomach;
  • kidney and liver problems;
  • fever and fever.

Lymphatic drainage massage for men

In one session of lymphatic drainage massage, you can lose up to several kilograms. This type of effect on the body expels fluid from fat cells. Slow and pulling movements with such a massage help to influence the subcutaneous vessels. Getting rid of unnecessary moisture, the cells of the body become smaller, they receive more oxygen. Lymphatic drainage massage for men is indicated for injuries, obesity, edema, cellulite. It is important to observe the drinking regime after the session, it is advisable to endure thirst and not pounce on water. Contraindications for its implementation are:

  1. Infectious diseases, especially during the acute phase.
  2. Skin rashes.
  3. postoperative period.
  4. Kidney problems.


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