pathological jealousy

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morbid jealousy

Pathological jealousy is a state of absolute conviction in the actual or potential ability of a partner to cheat.

Catch and take revenge!

The clinical symptoms of this disease are usually expressed in the fact that the jealous (or jealous) is constantly looking for evidence of the infidelity of his soulmate, and he perceives even the most compelling and convincing arguments that speak of the devotion of the latter as a well-planned «camouflage policy» that has one sole purpose: to lull his (or her) vigilance. Moreover, a person suffering from pathological jealousy, the signs of which can appear gradually and develop progressively, usually thinks through various options for revenge in detail and carefully prepares for it (for example, he carries a weapon with him in case he manages to catch the deceivers red-handed).

male jealousy

Pathological jealousy in men is much more common than in women and is mostly associated with changes in the psyche caused by alcohol or drugs, and can also be based on developing schizophrenia with pronounced paranoid ideas. The jealous man organizes constant surveillance of his wife, sometimes using her most modern methods, including eavesdropping «bugs», security cameras or the so-called false mirrors in her bedroom. The “demon” of the husband’s pathological jealousy, sitting in his head, constantly whispers to him that the missus is sleeping and sees how to cheat on him, and it doesn’t matter with whom: it can be a pizza delivery man, or a driver of a passing car, and consultant in the hardware store. He perceives all convictions in the absurdity of such assumptions extremely aggressively, considering them as another proof of his innocence: after all, an innocent person will not be justified.

female jealousy

The causes of pathological jealousy in women, in principle, coincide with the etymology of the same disease in men, only unlike the latter, in the representatives of the weaker sex, the catalyst for such a misfortune is more often depression, which is based on an inferiority complex, which was laid down in morbid jealousy in womenchildhood and developed into a hypertrophied mania of mistrust of a partner. Life next to such a jealous woman slowly turns into hell and, at best, ends in a scandalous breakup. At worst, even a fatal outcome is not ruled out, such as a lady who is convinced of her lover’s infidelity is capable of the most radical actions and the most sophisticated ways of revenge.

In order to avoid such tragedies, one fact must be clarified: the pathological jealousy of a man or woman is a mental disorder that requires medical treatment. All attempts to cope with this misfortune on their own usually end in failure, and with any suspicion of an abnormally hypertrophied feeling of jealousy, it is necessary to seek qualified help.


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