Signs of a groomed woman through the eyes of a man

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signs of a unkempt woman through the eyes of a man

It is difficult to meet a woman who would not strive to look well-groomed, but at the same time, each person may perceive this concept differently. To add up the big picture, it was decided to appeal to men using surveys. As a result, it was possible to establish signs of a groomed woman through the eyes of a man. It has been proven that even an expensive salon image can be spoiled by seemingly insignificant details at first glance.

Groomed women — what signs give them away?

According to the research, it was possible to establish that men, looking at women, pay attention not only to the figure, but also to other details of her image.

5 signs of an untidy woman:

  1. For many representatives of the strong half of humanity, it is the hair that is the favorite part of the female image, therefore regrown roots and split ends are unacceptable. We hope that we can not talk about dirty hair.
  2. Repulsive is excessive vegetation on the body. This applies primarily to the face, because female mustaches have never been in trend. Many girls do not remove their hair from their legs in winter, which can lead to embarrassing situations.
  3. Men also pay attention to their hands, on which the skin should be smooth and in no case flaky. A sign of a neglected and cheap woman is peeled varnish, broken nails and burrs. It is difficult to find a man who would want to kiss such female hands.
  4. Particular attention should be paid to the face. The skin must certainly be smooth, without rashes, blackheads and other problems. Men say that it is unpleasant for them to stroke a woman’s face and feel not soft skin, but something similar to sandpaper. Makeup should be appropriate, without any overkill.
  5. Another important detail that makes the female image untidy is chapped lips that cannot be hidden even with beautiful lipstick.


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