Signs of sympathy from a man

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signs of affection from a man

Both women and men do not immediately show their sympathies and feelings. However, this does not mean that it is impossible to determine the attitude of people towards each other at the initial stage. At the very beginning of the development of a relationship, a person rarely expresses his emotions and feelings with the help of words. Therefore, the main way to find signs of male sympathy is to observe the behavior of the man of interest, namely, non-verbal signs.

Signs of a man’s affection for a woman

In psychology, there are such signs of a man’s sympathy for a woman:

1. Direct interested look — this is the first thing that catches your eye when watching a man in love. This look can confuse a woman and excite, and it is he who can easily tell a lady that a man looking at her is not indifferent to her. Initially, almost all men evaluate the external data of the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, so the look seems to be running around. But, having become seriously interested in someone, they look straight into the eyes during a conversation, trying to understand the attitude towards themselves and win reciprocity. In addition, a man in love will try to keep the woman he likes in his field of vision, which is unlikely to escape her gaze.

2. Mood. Men in love are characterized by high spirits and an optimistic outlook on many things. A love interest helps to be more cheerful, open and cheerful.

3. Participation in the conversation. A man in love willy-nilly, when talking in a company, will focus on the lady with whom he sympathizes. He will catch her eye, seek approval for his words, address her more than anyone else. In addition, the lover will literally catch every word of the woman he is interested in, support her opinion, and stimulate conversation.

4. Help — this is one of the main signs of sympathy on the part of a man. By nature, a man is a provider and protector, which will also manifest itself in love relationships. An interested person will try to please the lady of the heart, help her, surround her with care.

5. Touch. A man in love will try to touch his beloved or her clothes and things.

6. Signs of the body. The signs of a man’s hidden sympathy for a woman may be evidenced by such signs:

  • the hands are open towards the woman of interest;
  • the feet are turned towards her;
  • arms and legs are not crossed;
  • listening to his beloved lady, a man tilts his head to one side;
  • he begins to preen, straighten his clothes, remove dust particles.


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