True love — what is it, does it really exist, how to distinguish it from falling in love?

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True love - what is it, does it really exist, how to distinguish it from falling in love?

Relations between a man and a woman are at different stages of development, one of which is true love. Many strive for it, but only a few achieve it. The essence of the concept cannot be explained in one sentence, as well as its signs, ways of achieving and losing.

What is true love?

When a guy and a girl like each other, they start dating, believing that this is true love. However, in the beginning there is only sympathy and sexual attraction to each other called falling in love. True feeling is formed only over time, through constant work on relationships. It cannot arise from nowhere, but is only the result of hard work on oneself and the creation of general happiness.

You can determine that a couple is at the highest stage of its development by the following signs:

  1. Partners are two emotionally and psychologically mature individuals who are in a relationship by mutual agreement.
  2. A man and a woman are aware of all the advantages and disadvantages of the second half and accept them. The couple has no desire to change or remake each other.
  3. Lovers can always talk openly on any topic, finding sincere support. They are not bored with each other and always have something to talk about.
  4. People develop in parallel, without interfering with the half to achieve their goal. There is no dependence, jealousy or anxiety in the union.
  5. There are common interests and goals, close emotional contact, respect.

what is true love

Does true love exist?

After failed romances, some people think that true love only exists in movies. However, this is only one of the stages, the stage to which everyone should strive. Unfortunately, not every person, even throughout his life, can experience this feeling because:

  1. The maturity of individuals is necessary not only physically, but also emotionally, spiritually and financially. Otherwise, the union will be in the nature of the dependence of the weak on the strong.
  2. It is worth choosing the right partner based on your own views on life and interests. Not everyone builds harmonious relationships.
  3. In a couple, the constant work of both partners is important, without “playing with one goal”.

How to distinguish love from falling in love?

As mentioned above, there are very definite signs of true love that distinguish it from other stages of the novel. Many confuse true relationships with the very beginning — falling in love, which is just a game of hormones that cause sexual arousal. These concepts can be distinguished by a number of signs:

  1. The nature of affection. True love is always mutual, while falling in love can be unrequited.
  2. Time. First, love arises, and only years later, after a long work, we can talk about the true feeling.
  3. Relationships in a couple. During love euphoria, partners have some rose-colored glasses. A half is considered an ideal in the flesh, without flaws. When the pink veil falls, and all the shortcomings of the chosen one are accepted, then we can talk about a new stage.
  4. Life’s hardships and turmoil only connect a man and a woman. If the love boat breaks into everyday life, then the marriage cannot be called healthy.

Symbol of true love

True love between a man and a woman is often expressed by a certain symbol. It can be a special thing, date, tradition or ritual. That is, everything that is important for spouses even after years of marriage. In this regard, true love can be similar to falling in love, in which importance is attached to:

  • wearing wedding rings;
  • the preservation of special souvenirs, such as a pair of pigeons;
  • choosing a melody or song that the couple will consider their own;
  • observance of a special ritual, for example, an annual honeymoon celebration.

true love symbol

Why is love lost?

Even the strongest feelings of a man and a woman can end. Because the true feeling is preceded by several stages of relationships:

  1. Idealization or love. Partners can not stop looking at each other and seem perfect.
  2. Satiation is a mandatory continuation of the previous stage. The euphoria has passed and the shortcomings of the chosen one are very annoying. At this stage, many couples break up, not wanting to know and accept each other more deeply.
  3. Integration. A man and a woman come to terms with all the qualities of a partner and accept them. Here, marriages are destroyed if people begin to live as neighbors, without regard for the interests and passion for the spouse.
  4. Love. Only the calm acceptance of the second half and the real pleasure of intimacy should be considered a true feeling.

How to save love?

In order for sincere love in a couple to be preserved after many years of relationship, you need:

  1. Understand that a mature union requires constant work on yourself and relationships.
  2. Maintain an emotional connection with your partner. Create an intimate space just for two, shared rituals and values.
  3. True love between a man and a woman is impossible without quarrels and conflicts, it is only important to solve them constructively.
  4. Do not forget about communication, words of support and praise, expressing your feelings.
  5. Constantly practice hugs and kisses, which are very close.
  6. Do not dissolve in a partner and do not limit his freedom, develop in parallel as a person.

how to keep love

Movies about true love

The most popular theme in cinema is love feelings, which in fact are just a stage of falling in love. This discrepancy creates a misconception of true feelings in boys and girls. There are also films about true love recommended by psychotherapists for many couples:

  • «Love», 2012;
  • «Diary of Memory», 2004;
  • «Love and doves», 1985;
  • «Moscow does not believe in tears», 1980;
  • «Road of Change», 2008;
  • «One day», 2011;
  • «Sex never happens much», 2011


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