What is the friend zone — how to get out of the friend zone for a guy and a girl?

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What is the friend zone - how to get out of the friend zone and start dating?

Youth slang has been enriched with many words of Western origin. So the popular term friend zone, translated into Russian as «zone of friends», has become firmly established in everyday life and refers to the relationship of the sexes. What is a friend zone — in this article.

Friendzone — what is it?

Like many years ago, now a situation can arise between a girl and a guy when one is secretly or clearly in love, and the other perceives him only as a friend. The friend zone is a situation when a lover is kept at some distance, not letting go, but not bringing him closer to himself. A girl sends to such a zone all the guys in love with her who are not interesting to her, but the latter are less common, but they can also sin and abuse the feelings of a person of the opposite sex.

Friendzone signs

There are certain signs and characteristic features of the behavior of the object of sympathy, which will easily make it clear how he perceives a fan in love with him. Those who are interested in how to understand that you are in the friend zone should pay attention to the following signs:

  1. No one takes into account your desires and aspirations, but the object of love willingly demonstrates its own whims. A girl can ask for ice cream at 2 a.m. without thinking about the fact that the guy simply wants to sleep, and the stronger sex sins because they like to call “dirty” at night and cry into the vest.
  2. What is a friend zone and whether you got into it is easy to understand by how the object of passion perceives you and what it says about it. Often you can hear such words from a person as: “You are a great friend”, “Someone will be lucky with a guy / girl”, “You are so good, wonderful, kind, sympathetic”, etc.
  3. They willingly go on a “date” with you — in a cafe, cinema, theater, but when they try to get closer, they step back, reduce everything to a joke, translate the topic and the maximum that they allow is a kiss on the cheek.

How to distinguish friendzone from sympathy?

When people sincerely like each other and are interested in each other, that is, they sympathize, then this is mutual. A person does not use a person in love with him for selfish purposes and does not abuse such an attitude towards himself. His feelings and desires are taken into account, interest is shown from both sides. Friendzone in a relationship differs from sympathy in that the object of love does not take into account the feelings of the other and can afford to hurt him by discussing with him people of the opposite sex, their advantages and disadvantages. The girl / guy knows that they are in love with him, but shows a disregard.

getting out of the friend zone

Is the friend zone good or bad?

From the point of view of the object of love, this is good, because there is always the opportunity to receive free help, “for free” to spend free time in entertainment venues, and simply not to feel lonely. A tough friend zone turns into a real tragedy for a lover. A person suffers, suffers, but does not dare to break off these relationships, because all the time he hopes that they will grow into something more. He understands that he is essentially being used, but there is nothing he can do about it.

How to behave in the friendzone?

In fact, nothing depends on the lover here, since the opposite side plays the main violin in the relationship. If a person is truly in love, he will endure everything, endure everything, stoically fulfill whims and wait for the moment when the guy / girl will appreciate him. For those who ask what to do if you are in the friend zone, you can say that everything will depend on whether the lover is ready to find out the truth or is it better to be deceived further. This will determine his actions.

How not to fall into the friend zone?

You can’t command the heart, and love comes without asking, but there is such a type of guys and girls around whom the unfortunate who have fallen into the friend zone always curl. As a rule, they are good-looking, dressed in fashion and always in a cheerful mood. They are the soul of the company, they easily converge with people, but at the same time they are characterized by swagger, pride, self-admiration, vanity.

Less often, a person behaves this way because he has been very “burned” in life and is afraid of repeating a failed relationship. In order to understand how not to fall into the friend zone with a girl, you need to take a closer look at her and figure out what caused such a reluctance to go for rapprochement. Perhaps she is just waiting for a more explicit and open demonstration of her feelings, some real confirmation of passion and love.

How to get out of the friendzone?

There are a variety of ways to let your loved one know that you are not a toy and have the right to love and normal relationships. In any case, this is better than being in the dark and suffering, tormented, realizing that you are simply being used for their own purposes. Getting out of the friend zone is never painless, but it brings relief to the lover, provides an opportunity to feel free and open to new relationships.

How to get out of the friend zone for a girl?

The fair sex can try the following methods:

  1. Stop answering night calls, and if you pick up the phone, then only to say that you are not alone now and cannot speak.
  2. Those wondering how to get out of the friend zone can be advised to try to live up to the ideals of a loved one. You have already studied him well, you know what he expects from women. You can demonstrate your culinary skills, love for children, care. There is every chance that the young man will look at you with different eyes.
  3. Change your appearance. Change your hairstyle and style of clothing, lose weight if you are overweight.
  4. Become a mysterious, decoy, unattainable for a guy. Always be different — sometimes lively and cheerful, sometimes languid and thoughtful.
  5. Develop and grow. So that the guy is not bored with you, you need to find new topics for conversation. Read a book and discuss the meaning with him, join a club or take a course. He must understand what occupies in your life, albeit important, but not the first place. You must have your own interests.

how to get out of friendzone

How to get out of the friend zone for a guy?

In order for your beloved to start considering you as a boyfriend, you must do the following:

  1. Become a real man — self-sufficient and self-confident. Do not fawn, do not stutter, do not look for a topic for conversation. Flaunt your best qualities, demonstrate your skills, especially if you know that your chosen one appreciates them.
  2. Those who ask how to get out of the friend zone and start dating can be advised to temporarily disappear from her field of vision, to give the object of passion an opportunity to think about what you mean to her and how terrible it is to lose you. This can work if there is a friend zone after sex. The first intimate date often goes a little crumpled, especially if the guy was worried.
  3. Saying what the friend zone is and how to deal with it, you can try to make the girl jealous. To say that they met their ideal, and if possible, then visually demonstrate the emerging relationship.
  4. Learn to speak beautifully, because women love with their ears. And psychologists also say that for a man who managed to make her laugh, a woman will go even to the ends of the world. Develop your sense of humor.
  5. To speak frankly with the object of passion and find out everything. This method is suitable for both boys and girls.

Films about the friend zone

The theme of unrequited love is very often used by filmmakers around the world. Notable paintings include:

  1. «Unyielding» directed by Yuri Chulyukin. The legendary film of the Soviet era. The main character took on bail two of her colleagues in the shop, who sought to please the beautiful girl in everything, and she loved another.
  2. «One Day» directed by Lone Scherfig. The Friendzone is presented differently in films. In this picture, the couple remained friends for 23 years, and then got married. And although the film has a tragic ending, it teaches you not to give up and believe that love will overcome all obstacles and even death.
  3. More Than Love Directed by Nigel Cole. The protagonist and heroine meet in the cabin and for many years communicate, support each other, remaining friends. Later, they realize that they are connected by something more than just friendship.


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