What is Wirth, advantages and disadvantages, features of different types of virtual communication

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What is Wirth, advantages and disadvantages, features of different types of virtual communication

With the ubiquity of the Internet, unusual ways of communicating and spending leisure time have entered the lives of modern people. There are several concepts of what Wirth is, from the most neutral to the most intimate. Since there is no single meaning for this new slang word, it is better to clarify with the interlocutor what he means.

Wirt — what is it?

On the net you can find several interpretations of what Wirth is. The most common says that the term is an abbreviation for the word «virtual» (imaginary, not real). That is, this is any communication of people not in real life, but on the network. Advanced Internet users believe that Wirth is online communication with sexual overtones: from harmless flirting to mutual masturbation.

Such communication cannot be called new. People used to write love letters to each other. With the advent of the first mobile devices, such a hobby as phone sex began to spread. The internet has taken communication to another level. Now any network user can contact a person from another city or even country, while maintaining their anonymity or quite openly. When communication is impossible in real life for various reasons, people quickly find a replacement for it on the World Wide Web.

virt what is it

Wirt — pros and cons

When deciding on Wirth sex communication, it is important to understand that it has both its positive and negative sides. The advantages include:

  1. This is one of the ways to diversify the relationship of people who have been together for a long time or are forced to communicate at a distance. Close partners can bring zest to their lives and keep passion up to the mark during separation.
  2. Intimate communication on the Internet is completely safe in terms of sexually transmitted diseases and possible pregnancy.
  3. This is a completely voluntary type of contact, in which you can easily leave the conversation if something goes wrong.
  4. You can completely remain anonymous, thereby working on your complexes and fears.

However, Wirth has no less disadvantages:

  1. Psychologists say that more and more people go into the virtual world, where you can impersonate anyone, losing touch with reality and refusing to build your real life.
  2. Getting used to communication in the network, a person’s model of colloquial speech and consciousness changes. Communicating with real people becomes more and more difficult over time.
  3. Frequent masturbation during virt can lead to the fact that during real intimacy a person will not be able to be naturally aroused.

Wirth types

You can classify online communication on intimate topics in different ways. One of the most common divisions is the use of certain means of communication or programs:

  1. Wirt on the phone. Moreover, you can not only call a person at a number, but also use special messengers with the possibility of voice calls.
  2. Virtual sex communication on Skypeinvolving not only voice, but also video communication.
  3. Correspondence Wirt in messages, instant messengers, social networks and special chats.

Wirt on the phone

We can safely say that sex communication on the phone originated at the time of the widespread use of this device around the world. Just ten years ago, numerous companies offered such a service, in which girls with pleasant voices brought their clients to orgasm for quite impressive amounts. Now, when almost everyone has a smartphone, intimate conversations no longer surprise anyone.

You can communicate with your partners, being at a distance, thereby adding variety to your intimate life. For auditory people, this method is quite acceptable, because a person can easily be aroused by the sounds of a voice and hot phrases. When communicating with a stranger on the phone, it is important to understand that anonymity in this case is relative. The partner can find out the caller’s phone number, whether it’s a regular mobile connection or trendy messengers tied to the same number.

virt on the phone

Wirt on Skype

More frank virtual communication involves the use of special programs for video communication. With it, partners can see each other using Skype, Facetune and other similar applications that can be quickly and free of charge installed on any modern gadget. The degree of privacy can be configured independently, without specifying your personal data in the program and independently choosing what the partner can see.

For those who are not yet familiar with what an intimate Wirth is, this option may seem very loose. However, there are fans of this type of dating both among young people and quite mature and accomplished people. Psychologists only advise not to immerse yourself completely in the virtual world, but to translate relationships that have begun online into reality as soon as possible.

Correspondence Wirt

The simplest and most common type of communication is correspondence. It can be carried out in different instant messengers and social networks, where people get to know each other and begin to communicate first on abstract topics. For those who need intimate correspondence right away, there are many special resources on the Internet. You can easily find a virtual chat for two, in which people are connected randomly, or based on the specified preferences. Registration on the resources is possible anonymously.

Wirth — features

Those men and women who are already familiar with what Wirth is, highlight the following features:

  1. Anonymity. Most of this communication is carried out under special nicknames. The user himself sets the level of his privacy.
  2. Full control. At any time, when communication goes beyond personal boundaries and norms, correspondence can be interrupted. Unfortunately, there are a lot of inadequate people on the network, so you should not waste your time on them.
  3. Degree of frankness can also be adjusted independently from flirting to candid mutual videos. This option may be suitable for people with varying degrees of emancipation and moral principles.

Wirth Features

How to start Wirth?

In order to start frank Wirth communication, it is worth registering on special resources designed for this purpose. In such chats, the interlocutors are already ready for intimate messages with photos or videos. It is more difficult to make acquaintances in social networks and on forums of interest. Here you need to start:

  1. Start a dialogue and get the attention of the interlocutor. As a basis, you can take any information from the profile of the person you like.
  2. Then the dialogue should be maintained by talking on common topics for the two, whether it’s movies, music, cars, travel or dreams.
  3. After fascinating dialogues, having endeared yourself to the interlocutor, it is quite possible to start more romantic conversations.
  4. It is only important to understand for what purpose I wanted to do virtual, so that later I would not have to wait for hours at the screen of the gadget for the cherished message or call.


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