What kind of breasts do men like?

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What kind of breasts do men like

The question of what kind of breasts men like worries all women, without exception, because it is no secret that it is on the bust that their gaze invariably falls when they meet, which means that its size and shape are of great importance. That is why women invariably use corrective underwear, and some resort to more drastic methods, in particular, plastic surgery. But is it really that important for men?

Why do men like women’s breasts?

Some psychologists believe that a reverent attitude towards this part of the female body is laid down in infancy, when for a newborn it was everything — both a source of nutrition, and a means of comfort, and a synonym for care. These first impressions remain in the subconscious and, after many years, develop into a sacred relationship to the breast, one might even say that men worship it as some kind of deity. They caress her with their tongue and lips, squeeze it in their hands and get truly unearthly pleasure when they see how much a woman likes it.

As for the size, then, as they say, there are no comrades for the taste and color. Many are interested in why men like big breasts, but according to statistics, there are only about 10% of them. Perhaps the subconsciousness and the instinct of procreation are again to blame with the woman who can feed all the offspring thanks to her large breasts and an abundance of milk. Speaking about what breast size men like, it is worth noting that the answer to it is largely determined by fashion and the usual showing off to friends: they say that I have the largest breasts and that’s cool.

However, most representatives of the strong half of humanity agree that the chest should be neat, elastic, beautifully shaped, but size is a given of nature and there is no point in arguing about something and changing something. Therefore, the question of whether men like small breasts cannot be answered unambiguously. If this is the breast of a beloved woman, then it doesn’t matter to a man what she is.


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