What kind of girls do men like?

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what kind of girls do men like

Bearing in mind that men love with their eyes, modern women have adopted this axiom and began to actively bring their body closer to the ideal by inserting silicone into their breasts, removing ribs, increasing hair and eyelashes, etc. However, men are not fetishists and, in addition to appearance, pay attention to the inner world of a woman.

What kind of girls do men like in appearance?

well maintained. Of course, no one says that appearance is not important, but what is more important is not how a woman looks, but how she presents herself. You can argue a lot about the parameters of the chest, waist and hips, but if all together it looks proportional, then a man will always pay attention to such a representative of the fair sex. Therefore, for those who are interested in whether men like fat women, it is worth noting that this is a matter of taste, but the fact that she should be fit and well-groomed is unequivocal.

preppy. How a woman looks and what she wears is also very important. Clothing should be neat and clean, and if not the most expensive, but well-fitting and in no way vulgar. The same goes for makeup. Few people will like the vulgar or inept «war» paint. Men are much more fond of skillfully emphasized dignity than a complete change in appearance with the help of cosmetics.

What should be a woman to please men?

defenseless and feminine. As you know, all men are by nature leaders, conquerors and hunters, which means that they subconsciously want to protect and take care of a weak, vulnerable, sensitive woman. This is what femininity is for them, and they are ready to build relationships only with those who do not mind giving up leadership in the family to a partner. For sincere interest and care from the partner, her attention to his hobbies and affairs, he will be ready to carry her in her arms, and if she still knows how to forgive and be faithful to her chosen one, then he will only have to pray for her.

self-confident. However, a weak-willed creature that does not have its own opinion will definitely not attract a representative of the stronger sex. The partner should be “for her husband”, but be sure to be self-confident, respectful of herself and others, intellectually developed. In the age of new technologies, when everything is measured by money, men are very afraid of being used, so they are looking for a woman who is disinterested, undemanding. This should be remembered by those who want to get a good job in life at the expense of a partner. At the same time, those men from whom a woman does not require anything are ready to give themselves and provide for her to the best of their ability.

liberated. Of course, the intimate side of the issue is incredibly important, but here women again go too far. They pay too much attention to this topic, obsessing over what kind of women men like in bed, trying to show everything that they are capable of on the very first night. Of course, a man will be delighted with such a sexual partner, but it is from this point of view that he will consider her in the future, and for a long-term relationship he will choose simply unconstrained and open to everything new, ready to both receive pleasure and give it, and only in the presence of feelings and mutual attraction between partners.

You can talk about this topic for a long time and a lot, arguing about whether tall men like petite women, and insecure women like business women who are ready to decide everything for them. Everything is purely individual, but psychologists never tire of repeating that an ideal relationship and an ideal marriage can only be built with a man who has a great desire to make happy. Not for yourself to look for a profitable party, but try not to deceive his expectations.


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