What nice things can you write to a guy?

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What nice things can you write to a guy

Love is not able to be silent, it always needs to be listened to, understood by someone. She needs a way out so that she becomes even stronger, stronger. Sometimes words of love are spoken aloud, and sometimes a small letter, a couple of phrases in SMS can revive a long-sleeping passion in the soul of a person in love.

Let’s try to understand that you can write pleasant things to a guy, so that from the first words of the sentence he feels all your sympathy, love for him.

What can you write to your beloved guy?

Many girls believe that the most important thing in writing a letter is the beginning. It is a mistake to think that it will be easy to compose a love appeal, if only the beginning of the letter is given with difficulty.

So, for starters, come up with your appeal to the young man. This determines the tone of the letter. If you understand each other without words, if your relationship has reached such a stage in its development, then the appeal “beloved” will be enough and your beloved boyfriend will feel your sincere tenderness. In the case when you are very close, you can use the adjective «desired». If you are still in the early stages of a relationship, then use «the only one.» He will feel how necessary you are, how dear he is.

In order to move on to the main part, to the letter and understand what words you can write to a guy, do not think everything over carefully. Write from the heart, forgetting about logic. Let the message be filled with emotions, love, but not rules and logical reasoning. Thanks to this, your beloved will feel your sincerity, unconventional. Write whatever comes to mind. About him, about myself, about the two of you. If a loved one is far away from you, feel his condition. Try to convey in the letter the feeling of comfort, warmth that awaits him upon arrival home. Your letter should leave only a good impression.

Even if you saw each other just a couple of hours ago, write that you missed him, if this is true. Be sincere in your feelings.

What can you text a guy first?

Many girls who are in the early stages of communicating with guys experience some discomfort regarding whether to write to him first and what topics to talk about.

If you are puzzled by the fact that you can write interesting and pleasant things to a guy, then the correct answer is to never write about your own or someone else’s problems and worries. Touch on topics that you think are of interest to him. The guy will certainly appreciate it, and he will be pleased if you write a sincere compliment that is associated with his actions or personal qualities. He will be very pleased to hear that he has an exciting hobby. A young man will see an interesting girl in you if you admire his knowledge. Do not get carried away with compliments about his appearance, etc. Know how to see the golden mean in everything.

What can you text a guy?

Short messages are a great reason to intrigue a guy, play out his feelings for you even more. This is one of the easiest ways to please him by reminding him of yourself.

Here are some examples related to writing SMS to a young man:

  1. Knowing what time he wakes up, you can write something like “Good morning, kitty. Wake up.»
  2. In order to remind yourself, write to him about how you look forward to meeting you.
  3. What can you write to your boyfriend

  4. For the purpose of apology, write the words of apology, adding a couple of affectionate words to him.

What can you write a cool guy?

In order to write something funny to a young man, you only need your sense of humor and imagination. Of course, the content of a funny letter depends on how close you are with the guy. The only advice — write from the heart, but know the measure.

It is worth noting that you can always write something pleasant to both your loved one and your friend. For this, the main thing is to write from the heart.


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