Who is a metrosexual and where to meet him?

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Metrosexual - the most famous metrosexuals

Modernity has given rise to many new concepts, many of which are erroneously equated with others, older and more well-known. This happened with the concept of metrosexual — often metrosexuality and non-traditional sexual orientation are considered one and the same.

Who is a metrosexual?

In fact, everything is a little different. A metrosexual is a man who devotes more time to his appearance than is customary among other men. He is always well-groomed, he does not see anything shameful in visiting beauty salons, SPA centers and other establishments designed to create and maintain external beauty. Such men love shopping no less than the beautiful half of humanity and understand fashion trends better than many ladies. The term was coined by Mark Simpson in 1994 and comes from the English words «metropolitan» (capital) and sexual (sexual).

Metrosexual — psychology

There is an erroneous opinion that such men are necessarily interested in their fellow sexes as objects of desire. This is not so: metrosexual is a normal phenomenon that has nothing to do with such sexual deviation as homosexuality. Another erroneous opinion in this regard is that metrosexuality is characteristic only of our time. What will history say about this?

  1. The most famous metrosexual in Russian literature can safely be called Eugene Onegin. “You can be a smart person and think about the beauty of nails …” Pushkin emphasizes that Onegin’s habits were not something special and abnormal. Then such men were called dandies.
  2. No less famous is the name of Oscar Wilde, a brilliant English writer, poet and philosopher. He was a trendsetter in men’s fashion at the end of the 19th century, his outfits aroused admiration and a desire to imitate many men of that time. Colored waistcoats, silk stockings, lace gloves and frills… Mr. Wilde had a truly huge wardrobe and was perfectly able to combine all the things from it.
  3. In France, a country at all times considered a trendsetter, King Henry III ruled at the end of the 16th century. His royal majesty was famous for his bold and sophisticated outfits, promotion of personal hygiene and shocking innovations. He was the first of the men of that time to start wearing earrings (perhaps this achievement will seem doubtful to some), promoted the usefulness of sewage (an indisputable achievement!) And brought forks into fashion (also good).

metrosexual man

Where to meet a metrosexual?

To understand where you can meet a metrosexual, you first need to answer the question, who is a metrosexual? Based on what such a representative of the stronger sex is interested in, you can understand where to look for him.

  1. A metrosexual man may well be a businessman. In this case, self-care is not an end in itself, but a way to maintain the image of a successful person who keeps up with the times. You can meet them at various conferences, forums, business meetings. In gyms and beauty establishments.
  2. The metrosexual consumer is passionate about the very process of buying new fashion items. The main habitat is shopping centers and boutiques of well-known manufacturers of clothing and accessories.
  3. A narcissist is a man who is addicted to narcissism and for this reason diligently looks after himself. Can be found almost anywhere.
  4. Esthete. This person exalts beauty and seeks to surround himself with it, treats himself and others as works of art. It is found not only in shops and beauty salons, but also in theaters, art galleries, etc.

Metrosexual style

Metrosexuals do not have a separate style as such. Metrosexual appearance is achieved through careful tracking and strict adherence to fashion trends. It is also necessary to carefully study the images of media faces and a little imitation of them, wearing stylish hairstyles and accessories.

How to become a metrosexual?

Metrosexuality is not some special human property. If you suddenly want to become one of those who are called metrosexuals, you just have to start dressing according to the recommendations of fashion stylists, visit beauty salons and SPA centers and use all the products that are needed to keep your skin and hair in perfect condition.

metrosexual stars

where to meet a metrosexual

The fact that David Beckham is a metrosexual does not know, probably, only the lazy, but he is not the only man who closely monitors his appearance. Who are the famous metrosexuals in Russia?

  1. Sergey Zverev. In such a list it is impossible to do without him. Being a stylist, he is simply obliged to look so as not to resemble the saying «shoemaker without boots.»
  2. metrosexual style

  3. Philip Kirkorov. His stage images became the talk of the town even at a time when the word «metrosexual» only appeared in Europe.
  4. metrosexual stars

  5. Nikolay Baskov known not only for his dizzying musical career, but also for his well-groomed, perfect taste in clothes.
  6. famous metrosexuals in russia


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