Why do men love the smell of a woman?

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Why do men love the smell of a woman?

The sense of smell is possessed not only by humans, but also by all other representatives of mammals. It has been scientifically proven that a person is not only able to smell smells, but can also remember them. Even after many years, having felt a certain aroma, we can remember the circumstances and emotions that accompanied it.

There is a theory that a woman’s body odor is the main factor influencing how a man will perceive her.

Why do men love the smell of a woman?

The natural aroma of the body is different in all people, and pheromones, substances that are secreted by the external secretion system, are to blame for this. Pheromones are secreted not only in humans, but also in animals and even plants. They provide chemical communication between individuals of the same species.

  1. Sympathy at the chemical level. The smell of another person can be pleasant for us, or, on the contrary, repulsive. Sometimes men do not even realize why they are attracted to one woman, but not attracted and even repelled by another, and yet everything is very simple. It is the pheromones of another person that tell us whether the girl is suitable for the guy on a chemical level, or whether the compatibility of partners is very low. That is, a man loves the smell of a woman only if she is a person who suits him not according to the degree of education, social status or other factors imposed on us by society, but also at a deeper level.
  2. Production of the hormone of happiness. Scientists have proven that guys remember the smell of the woman they love very quickly, they can distinguish it among hundreds of other scents. An experiment was even conducted, during which the reaction of brain regions was studied at the moment when a man smelled his partner and the aroma of the body of other people. This experience clearly showed that, only when we feel the aroma of the people we love, we begin to experience pleasure, and our body releases the so-called hormones of happiness.


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