Why do we fall in love?

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why do we fall in love

The state of being in love is amazing and hard to explain. Indeed, it is very difficult to explain why, over the course of a lifetime, among countless choices, we fall in love with one person. However, psychologists say that all the accidents of our lives are not at all accidental, and the preference that we give to one, rejecting the other, can also be explained.

What are the features of choosing a loved one?

Although it is difficult for us to understand why this particular one and not another captured our hearts, there are explanations. The state of falling in love with most of us comes already in early youth, and it is built on an emotional, often protest (parents do not like it) attitude towards the subject of love. We get older, and sometimes we cannot understand why we fall in love with this particular person. There are explanations:

  1. visual perception. Psychologists say that our choice of a partner is unconsciously (or subconsciously) based on comparison with the image of one of the parents (a girl compares her young man with her father, a young man compares his chosen one with his mother). In this case, at first it can be a visual perception.
  2. Biochemistry. When trying to figure out why people fall in love with a particular person, they also pay attention to biochemical processes that influence the nature of the choice, but again are associated with the house. Each of us is accustomed to certain smells: the apartment, the things of mother and father, the aroma of perfume that mother loves, the smell of cigarettes that father is used to, etc. If such smells are found during an acquaintance, the chosen one (or the chosen one) involuntarily attracts.
  3. Behavior. Not the last role is played by the demeanor of the beloved. If common features are found in it with the behavior of the father / mother (even if these are negative features), such a person will “attract” to himself.

But if everything is connected with habits and familiar images, then why a person falls sharply in love with another is a natural question. Scientists say that this is due to the level of internal vibrations, which at some point coincide. This is what defines sudden love.


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