Why does a woman need a man?

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why does a woman need a man

Most often, the question of why a woman needs a man is asked by the women themselves. On the one hand, constant breakups convince them more and more that they do not need anyone, and on the other hand, when a handsome man meets, they cannot deny themselves romance.

According to scientists, if we omit practical aspects, then a woman needs a man at a deep psychological level. Thousands of years of union of these sexes have not been in vain, and as a result, loneliness is already perceived as a problem.

In the question of why a woman needs a man, from the point of view of her psychology, a woman is still considered the weaker sex, so it is important that a strong male shoulder can always support her next to her.

Why does a modern woman need a man?

In the age of feminism, the fair sex can afford to wear jeans, cheer for the football team, and even serve in the police. And some women begin to argue that they no longer need a man for complete happiness. It is worth noting that there are only a few such women, and although the direct need for a man as a breadwinner really disappears, the desire to create a cozy family hearth does not disappear anywhere.

Many people ask why an accomplished woman needs a man, without even thinking about the fact that money, most often, does not bring the desired happiness. For the weaker sex is always paramount why a woman needs a man psychologythe desire to create a family and have children played.

Why does a woman need a man friend?

The presence of a man has always had a calming effect on the female part of the population. Even if the fair sex does not want to have a romantic relationship with him, it is important for her to know that someone strong can always come to her defense.

Also an important factor for a woman in friendship with a man is that a man almost always says what he thinks. It is important for her to know that someone can directly tell her what the problem is and what she is doing wrong.


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