Woman after 50 years through the eyes of men

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Woman after 50 years through the eyes of men

Years are inexorably running forward and now the half-century anniversary is already close, which women meet with apprehension, longing and annoyance — unrealized opportunities are weighing heavily, and the reflection in the mirror says that youth is left far behind. And what a woman looks like after 50 years through the eyes of men — in this article.

Psychology of a woman after 50 years

Someone says that life is just beginning at 50, and someone thinks that this is just such a mockery. Women who have crossed the fifty-year milestone note the following changes:

  1. A sharp decrease in interest in one’s person from the opposite sex. Thank you for not being called a grandmother on the street yet and not in a hurry to give up your seat in public transport, but no one perceives it as a sexual object. Of course, this cannot but affect the state of mind of a woman: her own self-esteem falls, as does her confidence in her attractiveness. Many at this stage do not consider it necessary to keep themselves in shape and take care of themselves, because old age is already looming on the threshold and it’s somehow already undignified to be young beyond your age.
  2. Deterioration of the skin, nails, hair. The appearance of various chronic diseases, which also does not increase self-esteem. But plus to all this is also a hated menopause.
  3. Envy towards the young, regret for the years lived and missed opportunities. Fear of being alone.

However, how a woman feels is how a man perceives her, and this applies to any age. Following a well-groomed woman after 50, stylishly dressed and smart, men will still turn around, and not only peers, but for those who object and say that the older the man, the younger he is looking for a life partner, you can answer that this is the main sign of the available complexes and unwillingness to grow old. He does not treat such a partner as an equal to himself, but perceives it only as an attribute of his success and a symbol of passing youth.

A man aging next to his beloved does not notice age-related changes in a woman after 50 years, because he perceives her as a whole, with all the advantages and disadvantages, and if you do not focus on the latter, but flaunt the former, then you can still receive from him compliments and enjoy life.


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