7 reasons to rejoice in an unrequited feeling

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7 reasons to rejoice in an unrequited feeling

What does unrequited love mean? Can love be unrequited, and what does love even mean? If we finally understood the concepts, we would be able to clearly define what is what and our life, of course, would be much simpler, and … boring. But, we have what we have, and let’s say you are unrequitedly in love. What to do and how to benefit from this state, read on.

Learn to love from a distance

You feel like a martyr, you ask the heavens why this «misfortune» happened to you. But your complaints contradict the main principle of love — to make the object of your feelings feel good. If he does not love you (yet), do not interfere and impose on this person, because it will be worse for both you and him. Learn to rejoice for him, for the fact that everything is in order with him and wish him all the best.

Dedicate yourself to something great

Suffering is the perfect breeding ground for creative achievement. When we love unrequitedly, a bright palette of emotions, strong, unbearable feelings should result in some kind of channel. Make a muse out of your “beloved”, feel belonging to the world of creativity and find yourself in this area. You may not become an outstanding poet, a skilled painter or a piano genius (although this happens), but a creative activity will help you feel the joy of life, be useful to the world, and, most importantly, turn your pain into something beautiful and eternal.

Is unrequited love a reason to lose weight?

Have you been postponing your weight loss program for a long time in the farthest box of tasks and plans? Then your current state may be the perfect moment to make a change. Direct all your energy to transformation, to improvement, and perhaps your modified forms will find their fans.

Pamper yourself!

Women always save on themselves, while spending fabulous money on numerous relatives, pets, donations. Love for the world should begin with love for yourself, which means that it’s enough to spare money for yourself. Convince yourself that in the current state of mind, you simply have to buy yourself something expensive and luxurious, something that you have long dreamed of.

Go in for sports

Sport is the best way to take your mind off your mind. Still, when sweat is pouring from you, your breath is knocked out and your heart jumps out of your chest, believe me, at this moment you don’t think about any love, either mutual or unrequited. In addition, increased breathing during exercise contributes to the synthesis of endorphins — hormones of happiness, and this is exactly what you are missing!

Allow yourself to feel sorry

You probably have friends who are ready for compassion, share your grief with them. Let them pity you, let them take care of you and entertain you. Remember, any real girlfriend will begin to devote more time to you, stimulate you to move and get out of depression. At the initial stage, this will be very helpful, as not everyone is able to pull themselves into the same gym.

Reach Your Goals

Very often, offended girls try to become better “for evil” to their offenders. The method is not the most decent, but in most cases it works. Stimulate yourself, always be perfect — perfect hair, dressed to the nines, even take out the trash with all the parade. The main incentive is “if he meets me, I should look my best, let him regret his neglect.”

7 reasons to rejoice in an unrequited feeling1

So, all of the above will be quite enough to get rid of love melancholy. Try to follow these recommendations, and your unrequited love will become your step towards a new life — beautiful, improved, full of impressions, acquaintances and personal achievements.

Someday you will definitely meet with your failed boyfriend. What will you feel? Bewilderment from the fact that he could hurt you so much, because you have become better during this time, and he remained there, in the ridiculous past.


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