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What do you associate the word «family» with? Probably with such concepts as comfort, love and trust. But it happens that family life brings only pain and humiliation. Such her husband’s assault makes her. Worst of all, such situations are not uncommon, and women often choose to endure domestic violence, mastering the art of makeup and inventing stories about running into a door frame, rather than fleeing from a tyrannical husband. Why this happens, and whether it is worth hoping for a man’s repentance, now we’ll figure it out.

Domestic violence in the family: causes and consequences

By nature, men are meant to be defenders, they have the so-called instinct of self-affirmation, which makes the representatives of the stronger sex go to sports, the armed forces, and also look for other ways to apply their strength. There are quite a few who consider it perfectly normal to beat their loved ones. But assault in the family is not explained by this instinct; the need for self-affirmation can be realized in another way. So why do husbands beat their wives?

All men prone to domestic violence can be divided into two types. The first, the most common, are those men who, inflamed during a quarrel with his wife, begin to prove their point of view with their fists. In this case, the man does not respect his woman as a person, but at the same time depends on her psychologically.

The second type of male tyrants is less common, but they are much more dangerous. Such people do not need to accumulate aggression, they can attack a woman, while remaining calm. These are people with mental illness, and therefore they are especially dangerous for a woman, as they can plan cruel revenge for a divorce, up to and including murder.

The reasons that prompt a mentally abnormal person to commit violent acts are not easy to find, but what drives male tyrants of the first type is rather primitive. Such men are ordinary losers, they feel that they have no power over anything and try to feel it by beating their wife. These people believe that a woman is obliged to ensure their spiritual comfort, and if for some reason they do not feel it, they begin to beat their spouse.

By enduring domestic violence, women risk not only their lives and health, but also the future of their children. People who grew up in such families often do not have a personal life. Boys feel guilty about not being able to protect their mother or becoming like their father. Girls are afraid of serious relationships, thinking of all men as tyrants.

How to wean a husband from assault?

Often women who are beaten by their husbands begin to blame themselves for the situation. And they are not so wrong, often a woman with her temper, contemptuous attitude provokes the manifestation of aggression in men who are prone to violence. It happens that a fight in the family is a love recharge, after which the spouses feel even greater attraction to each other. In any case, in such a relationship, a woman is dependent on a man, since most of the women who leave male tyrants return to them after some time. This can also be seen from the questions that interest women who are beaten by their husbands. They are interested in how to wean a husband from assault, that is, ladies subconsciously do not want to end such relationships, since it is clear that it is impossible to wean a person from violence. If a man has become a habit of beating his wife, it will not work to eradicate her. Work on the preservation of the family is possible only if the assault is not permanent, and if the man himself understands that he has problems with self-control and wants to work on himself. Then the woman should often praise the dignity of her beloved, become more affectionate and calmer.

How to punish a husband for assault?

No less often, ladies try to find ways to punish a man for assault. These methods consist in response actions, you can find advice to pick up a frying pan (or other kitchen utensils) and beat the missus so that he feels in his own skin husband's assaultthe severity of your offense. Needless to say, such actions will not lead to anything good? By beating a man (this is not about self-defense, but about trying to teach a lesson), you will only humiliate and embitter him, and there is a risk of serious injury. Yes, a man should be aware of his responsibility for assault, but in this way he will not be able to explain it. Therefore, if the faithful does not want to change his behavior, even if every time he tearfully asks for forgiveness, you need to leave. In case of problems with parting, you should contact the anti-crisis center, where you will be provided with legal and psychological support.


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