beard for men

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beard for men

Facial hair is one of the secondary male characteristics. But many women don’t understand why men grow beards. Even though she gives the powerful of this world some masculinity, but upon closer examination and closer contact, she turns out to be prickly and unpleasant. On the other hand, a man without a beard is a maiden, just as a lion without a mane is a lioness. In fact, the reason lies in the fact that such vegetation indicates male strength, intelligence and maturity.

The history of men wearing beards is very fascinating and goes back to our ancestors — primitive people. In ancient Egypt, men began to shave their stubble, and only the pharaoh could wear it. His beard was made from wool or cut natural hair, and tied with a string to his chin. Later, Alexander the Great introduced a decree forbidding the beard, so that the enemy in battles could not grab onto it. A smooth, shaven face became a sign of civilization, and facial hair testified to savagery and neglect. The emperor Hadrian put an end to these prejudices, hiding the flaws of his face under the hairline of his beard. It is known that in Russia Peter I was an ardent opponent of facial hair, and his duties on a beard caused a lot of protests and disapproval.

Today, wearing a beard is encouraged by many religions. Islam, Judaism and Christianity promote the presence of at least stubble on the male face.

In mythology, you can also find many bearded heroes: Santa Claus, gnomes, mermaids and mermen are depicted with facial hair.

And recently, one of the social universities conducted a survey on the topic — why a man needs a beard. The positions of men were distributed as follows:

  • 1st place — men are just too lazy to shave;
  • 2nd place — a beard is a style of a man;
  • 3rd place — a beard makes a man older and more solid;
  • 4th place — gives a smart look, sexuality and masculinity;
  • 5th place — religious prescriptions.

Until now, no one can unequivocally answer the question of why men grow beards. It is clear that this process is associated with the production of hormones, but why hair grows in this place is still unknown. There are many speculations about this. For example, the idea has been put forward that the growth of hair in the jaw area is associated with the activity of the salivary glands. Others explain this process as simply God’s will.

Some men complain that their beard does not grow. They are not worried about the very absence of a beard, but, perhaps, the abnormality of the sparse hairline on the face, considering this to be the presence of any health problems. The main reason for this is indeed the presence of internal diseases, lack of testosterone hormone and nutrients in the body, as well as damage to the hair follicles.

If a man does not grow a beard, he can use the following tips:

  1. Set up food. Poor nutrition and insufficient water intake leads to a general weakening of the body, and the hair is very sensitive to this.
  2. Skin care. Exposure to steam has a beneficial effect on the skin, opens the pores and cleanses the follicles. Moisturizing will also heal the skin of the face, therefore, it has a beneficial effect on hair growth.
  3. why do men grow beards

  4. Avoid stress. Stress adversely affects hair growth. To avoid them, you need to exercise, get enough sleep and be more in the fresh air.
  5. Improve testosterone production. This hormone stimulates facial hair growth. Its increase is facilitated by the performance of strength exercises, smoking cessation, healthy sleep.
  6. The use of products that stimulate hair growth. From folk remedies, burdock oil with pepper has a good effect. You can also buy special products at a pharmacy or in cosmetic stores.

If handsome men with beards are your weakness, use our advice and help them keep their pride in a well-groomed form.


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