Beat means love?

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hit means love

One of the most publicized topics of our time is the problem of domestic violence. Statistics show that in more than 43% of our families, women succumb to violence and in more than 13% cases of beatings take on a regular form. After the above information, you involuntarily wonder why a man beats a woman? What pushes him to this terrible act and are there really situations in life in which a woman can, deservedly, be beaten by a man?

As experience shows, conflicts arise in many families, but not all spouses can find compromises and solve problems with the help of words. Not every person is able to give in to his soulmate all his life and find a way out of this situation through diplomatic means.

A man who raises his hand to a woman proves by his actions only that he does not have enough intellectual resources to resolve the conflict with the help of an elementary discussion of the problem. Sometimes it happens that women blame themselves for assaulting their husband, justifying everything by the fact that if a man raised his hand, then I myself am to blame for this. Such women take on the role of a mother, so it seems to them that the man they cherish and cherish is to some extent their child, and at the psychological level there is a sense of responsibility for all his actions.

Why do men beat their wives?

Men very often explain their illegal actions by the fact that they allegedly had good reasons to raise their hand to the weaker sex.

  1. The most common cause of domestic violence is banal jealousy. The helplessness of a man in a situation of imaginary or real betrayals of his woman infuriates him, and he tries to assert himself through assault. Most of all, because of the thoughts that his wife found herself another, which means that it is male pride that suffers better.
  2. Alcohol abuse. The fact is that alcohol addiction decomposes a person as a person and leads to the degradation of mental abilities and moral values. In a state of alcoholic intoxication, the line of what is permitted is erased in a man, and he begins to act “on emotions”.
  3. Previously occurring traumatic events. Men from dysfunctional families from childhood, watching how their father raises his hand to his mother, are completely sure that assault is the only way to resolve conflicts. Traumatic events may not only come from childhood, as the reason for a high level of aggressiveness may be being in prison, military service in «hot spots», etc.

Why does the beloved man beat?

A man can find a hundred reasons for beating his wife, but few can confirm or challenge him. In the minds of women of our time, the saying hits means love, so they very often keep silent about acts of domestic violence.

Divorce is the only correct solution in this situation. According to psychologists, individuals with a tendency to why do men beat womenassault, commit acts of violence absolutely consciously, which means that not a single woman is immune from their repetition in a distant married life. You should not believe such excuses as “this will never happen again”, “I won’t do it again” forgiveness, in this case, can lead to the fact that a man, feeling permissiveness, will continue to dissolve his hands.

To divorce such a man is the duty of every self-respecting woman, because by asserting himself by assault, he thereby shows that he is physically stronger and that he is the main one in the family, and the key to a happy relationship lies not at all in taking a leading position in the family.


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