blue stocking

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blue stocking

There is a kind of women who, looking at them, gives the impression that they are touchy. Therefore, many men consider it best not to take risks and do not seek to get acquainted with such. Indeed, in courting such individuals of the opposite sex, they do not see any comforting prospects. Yes, and they consider such personalities, rather, as a blue stocking, but certainly not as an object of femininity.

Let’s try to figure out which women are called such a stable expression, what is the history of the origin of the phraseologism «blue stocking» and what needs to be done in order not to be awarded such a title.

Phraseologism «blue stocking». History of occurrence

It is generally accepted that the expression «blue stocking» originated in 1760 in the UK in the salon of the writer Montagu. One version says that the most active person in this community was one translator, botanist — scientist, writer Stillingfleet. Instead of black silk stockings, the wearing of which was implied by etiquette, he wore blue woolen stockings. In the event that he missed a salon session, the audience said that they could not start without a “blue stocking”. That is, the man was the first to receive such a “title”. Later, they began to be called representatives of the weaker sex, who were only interested in science and literature, who did not consider it necessary to take care or create a family, etc. Soon, the society began to be ironically referred to as the “Blue Stocking Society”.

This expression came to Russia from France.

So, in Paris, in the 17th century, there were salons in which it was women who played the main role. They coined the term «learned women». Anna More, who was a member of the British Bluestocking Society, in one of her ironic poems, argued that the French name was born as a result of an incorrect and too literal translation of the English word «bluestocking».

In one of Chekhov’s works, one can find such a characteristic of individuals called «blue stockings»:

“What good is it to be a bluestocking. Blue stocking… God knows what! Not a woman and not a man, and so the middle half, neither this nor that.

Woman — «blue stocking»

It will not be superfluous to decide which women are called that.

So, outwardly, such people manifest themselves in the severity and modesty of appearance: the absence of jewelry, cosmetics, lush hairstyles, the classic style of clothing, that is, nothing superfluous in the external image. By their nature, such women are rather grouchy, they can often be found in a dull mood, sad, irritable. If the “blue stocking” has heard something about flirting, female tricks, coquetry, then in her life she refuses to use this for any reason.

Such women are ready to give all of themselves to their beloved work, to work tirelessly, which means «blue stocking» has positive qualities that can be appreciated.

Oddly enough, but a man can fall in love with such an unusual, peculiar woman. Usually, the «blue stocking» is attractive to a calm, mature, accomplished representative of the strong half of humanity. First of all, he appreciates the depth of the inner world, the intellectual abilities of such women and finds the keys to the heart of a woman with such a complex character.

Bluestocking women prefer to spend most of their blue stocking womanof his time in museums and libraries. If she is busy developing her own business, she often stays late at work. Subordinates can only guess about the personal life of this person, and some even guessed about its absence.

How not to be a bluestocking?

If you understand that you lack femininity, self-confidence, then one of the ways not to be a bluestocking is to repeat self-confidence affirmations. Or, strive to develop your communication skills both with the opposite sex and with people in general. Try to look feminine, watch your gestures, behavior, gait.

So, every woman, regardless of whether she strives for scientific knowledge or prefers to spend her free time buying clothes for her beloved, must be aware that she must always develop femininity in herself. After all, this is the basis of any woman.


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