break in relationship

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break in relationship

Many do not understand what a break in a relationship means and why it is needed. Moreover, girls are often afraid: “What if he likes to be alone and he doesn’t come back?” And, nevertheless, it is breaks in relationships that sometimes allow you to save feelings.

Do you need a relationship break?

Such a kind of timeout, which may be necessary, serves an extremely good purpose. By refusing to communicate with a person, you can reduce the level of quarrels, refuse reproaches, and move away from insults. In addition, during the break, you can realize the value of relationships, or vice versa, that they have already exhausted themselves.

Of course, this practice is not suitable for all couples, but many of those who used it, after that, with even greater zeal, strove for each other. After all, if the feelings are real, then separation will only strengthen them, and make the couple closer.

How to organize a break in a relationship?

Often, a timeout is required when a couple is either stuck in everyday life, or some unpleasant event has occurred for everyone. Breaks in relationships should be organized carefully, discussing everything before that, so that later there are no additional problems. The following points are worth discussing:

  1. When will you start your break and when will you end? Usually 10-14 days is enough. Over a longer period of time, you will wean, and you will need to get used to this person again, which in itself is quite difficult.
  2. Will you call during the break or will you cut off communication completely? This needs to be discussed in advance so that there are no offenses. Of course, the most effective break is without communication at all, but you can agree and call up once every three days.
  3. Usually everyone makes a promise that he won’t let What does relationship break mean?	yourself during a break from what you would not allow in a relationship. In addition, you can additionally stipulate any critical points. A break is not a break, and allowing yourself to meet the opposite sex or the like, and for both to understand this for sure, it is worth saying it separately.

It is necessary to explain why you need a break in the relationship. Put yourself in the place of a partner — your offer may sound offensive and unpleasant for him. It is worth either discussing everything in advance, or finding a good reason — for example, to say that your grandmother needs care, and you will temporarily live with her, go on a business trip, etc. In this case, you can not pronounce the words «break in the relationship» themselves — this will look like a necessary measure, and therefore will not offend the partner.


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