Chemistry of love

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chemistry of love

Previously, the emergence of love and the processes of its flow were almost a sacred sacrament for people. Now, at the time of a technological breakthrough, a person wanted to know more about this magical feeling and sorted it into stages and chemical processes that take place in our body.

Love from the point of view of chemistry is a whole arsenal of various chemical reactions occurring within us. A person in love increases the level of the hormones dopamine, adrenaline and norepinephrine, which are responsible for the feeling of «weightlessness» and mild euphoria. This “cocktail of love” provokes a rapid heartbeat, a feeling of pleasant excitement due to which the palms sweat, blood circulation accelerates and a healthy blush appears on the face.

Falling in love is closely related to the part of the brain responsible for receiving pleasure. The phrase «love is blind» carries not only a figurative, but also a scientific meaning. This can be explained by the fact that a person in a state of falling in love is very vulnerable to the occurrence of psychoses and neuroses, because at first he is not able to think about anything other than his partner and not notice anything around.

According to scientists, there are 3 phases of love feeling:

  1. Sexual attraction. It is a primary desire in a relationship, because we want to receive sexual satisfaction from a partner.
  2. Spiritual attraction. At this stage, a person is still little emotionally attached to a partner, but the level of the hormone endorphin remains at a high level, blood flow to the brain increases. At this stage, we feel as comfortable as possible, being in the company of our beloved.
  3. Addiction. There is a feeling of emotional attachment to a loved one, the risk of emotional breakdowns decreases. At this stage, we want to always be together and suffer a lot even from a short separation.

Perhaps in the future, humanity will even learn how to manage these chemical processes inside our body, and then something similar to a “lapel potion” will appear on the shelves of pharmacies. The question is whether people themselves will want to use it, because love is a wonderful feeling in any of its manifestations.

Chemistry is the formula of love

Chemists have developed a formula for love, and to be quite precise, a substance called 2-phenylethylamine, which is synthesized in the body in the initial stages of falling in love. Energy boost, increased sexual excitability, high emotional background — this is still a far from complete list of symptoms caused by the «love substance».love Formula

Love — physics or chemistry?

Feelings have many components that obey world-famous scientific laws. Physics says that the opposite poles of magnets attract in the same way that men are attracted to their beloved women. Chemists claim that love is just a simple component that can be represented schematically as a structural formula. Despite this, and until now, no one has been able to unravel the mystery of the origin of tender feelings, which means that love to this day remains only a mysterious force of attraction between two hearts.


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