Codependency in relationships

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Codependency in relationships

Any addiction carries a negative character. Indeed, in this case, a person is not able to act independently, he depends on certain circumstances. Addiction is, in a way, a habit without which it is currently impossible to exist.

Emotions and codependency in love

Codependency is a similar concept, which we will consider together with relationships between people. Love codependency is like a disease that creates visible discomfort, mental disorder and many other negative aspects that together define specifically “emotional codependency”. Some do not even think about how to deal with codependency, they are satisfied with the current situation. Therefore, they are not going to change anything, they like it SO much, especially if it is mutual.

Codependency is a family disease

It’s no secret that codependency in the family is quite common. After a few years of living together, people who are married feel affection, need and dependence on their spouse. This is normal, and even good! It would be much worse if nothing connected the two people, united and strengthened their relationship. But there are various crises in relationships in which it is codependence that manifests itself.

Signs of codependency

Perhaps people at this stage of their relationship are no longer happy to be together, they daily only feed on past events, beautiful and romantic memories from their common past. Unfortunately, they do not reinforce relationships in the present tense. The problem of codependency is that each recognizes his dependence on the other, but does nothing in relation to the beloved. Everyone demands decisive action, naturally, not from themselves. He wants everything to be “as before”, claims that he wants to love, but cannot because of the lack of initiative. This person automatically relieves himself of responsibility for the further development of relations and the need to do something himself. Everything is built only on the belief that in the future it will be the same as it once was. The way out of codependency is simple: start doing something for your closest people, take into account their interests, and not pursue your own! In the end, you will all achieve exactly the same results! Let’s now figure out how to get rid of and get rid of codependency.

Codependency in Relationships — Treatment

If you are wondering how to overcome codependency, contact specialists and family psychologists or try to resolve the issue yourself. To begin with, understand yourself. Here are the questions you should answer before you take action:

  1. Are your relationships important to you?
  2. Do you appreciate them?
  3. What exactly? Because of which?
  4. Do you like them at the moment?
  5. What exactly?
  6. What would you like to change about them?
  7. What would you like to improve?
  8. What do you want to achieve?
  9. What relationship do you want to end up with?
  10. What are the possibilities for this? What about the options?
  11. What are the possibilities in a real relationship?
  12. What do you know about your loved one that gives you confidence that we will succeed?
  13. Codependency is a family disease

  14. What do you need to tell him or tell him, learn from him so that you become allies and can build mutually satisfying relationships?
  15. What exactly and how are you ready to act yourself?

If every person would ask themselves such questions from time to time, human relationships would become much better and stronger. After all, the most valuable thing to take care of is the health and strength of relationships. Do not bring the situation to a critical point, but try to do everything on time. «Spoon road to dinner.» And then your own world and the world of another person will become much brighter and more interesting!


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