depression in men

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depression in men

If your man is depressed, your relationship will have a rather difficult period. After all, when one of the two plunges into the abyss of despondency, both partners suffer from this. Pleasant, carefree evenings in each other’s company become impossible, a person concentrates so much on himself and his troubles that there is nothing to talk about with him. Consider the question of how to get a husband out of depression.

Causes of male depression

At first it may seem that the man fell into despondency for no reason. However, there is always a reason for depression, and it is worth digging deeper to understand how to approach the rehabilitation of your sufferer. So, often men fall into a depressed state for the following reasons:

  • he does not cope with his duties at work;
  • he requires more of himself than he is able to achieve at the moment;
  • he often experiences conflict situations with the team or the boss;
  • his work is risky and he worries about it without even realizing it;
  • he works at night — due to a violation of the natural rhythm, there may be consequences for the psyche;
  • he practically lives at work;
  • he is forced to travel on business trips;
  • he thinks he earns less than his labor is worth;
  • a difficult, turning point about his life (depression in a young person can often be associated precisely with the rejection of certain changes in his life).

When you understand why your husband is depressed, you can already move on to help. However, as you know, it is very difficult to help a person overcome such a condition — if everything is too serious, only a psychologist will help him.

Depression in a man — how to help?

It is best if you act not on the sly, but with him. If he does not recognize that he has such a problem, then he will not be able to cope with it. First, you need to talk to him about what is happening to him, and after that, take any action. For example, these:

  1. Help him learn more about ways to solve his problem. Submit articles about making money on the Internet, etc. — depending on what the problem is.
  2. If his problem is his job, help him make the decision to quit.
  3. Carry out relaxing procedures: invite him to take a bath, do a massage, turn on relaxing music at home.
  4. Celebrate each of his small successes and ignore his failures. Support his ideas, help him believe in himself.
  5. Include nuts, bananas, chocolate, citruses in your family diet. All this contributes to the production of serotonin in the body — a natural hormone of joy. This will make it easier to overcome depression.
  6. Try to spend time with him the way he likes best — organize meetings with friends or cozy warm home evenings.
  7. Find the good in the situation and talk about it. Repeat that his happiness is very important to you, because depressed people feel unwanted and abandoned.male depression
  8. Strive to spend time with him more interestingly: tell funny stories, offer barbecue trips or walks around the city.
  9. Do not blame him for anything, do not tell him that he has driven himself into the current situation. It is unlikely that you will cheer him up with this. Choose your words carefully, ensure full understanding.

If you see that a man is closing from you, offer him the help of a specialist. Depression is destructive, and the longer he is in this state, the more difficult it will be for him to get out of it. That is why you need to help not when everything is already very bad, but when the situation is just beginning. And most importantly, show that you are with him with all your heart.


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